Baby's First Year

a photographic journey to record ALL THE milestone moments

Available in Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas.

You've been looking forward to your baby's arrival for a looooooong time now, so let's celebrate all those milestone moments you want to remember forever! 

Much more than a few photo sessions... the Baby's First Year photo plan is designed to help you remember the milestone moments, and prep you for the years to come. Here's how:

lifestyle newborn photographer in bend, oregon - the suitcase studio

01 - Get IN THE PHOTOS, too

Not only will we get great photos of your baby at each stage, but this is a chance to capture the growing relationship between family members, as well. This is especially important so that when your child is grown, they see photos of YOU + THEM TOGETHER, instead of knowing that you were always the one stuck behind the camera.

Sessions included: maternity, newborn, 6 months, 1 year (with SMASH CAKE), and birthday party coverage. 

02 -  You'll actually enjoy YOUR baby's first birthday party

Here's what typically happens... not only will you spend so much time planning, creating and hosting your child's first birthday party, but you'll also have the camera in your hand most of the time, to capture all the details so you don't miss a thing! The problem with this is that you usually DO miss out... and instead of being able to ENJOY the party, you'd be in "work" mode... not getting a chance to celebrate WITH your family, and would be missing from most of the pictures. So instead of tearing up as you stand next to your favorite little man as he's blowing out his first set of birthday candles, you'd be the one stuck behind the camera, peering through the lens.   

But by hiring me, you can actually ENJOY the party, soaking in all the heartfelt moments, and being able to relax... knowing that not only will you end up with fabulous photos of all the details you never want to forget, but that there is visual proof of you being there, every step of the way. 

enjoy your baby's first birthday party instead of being behind the camera yourself - the suitcase studio's baby's first year plan in bend oregon includes birthday party photo coverage

The Suitcase Studio - lifestyle newborn photographer in Bend, Oregon - write letters to your child

03 - say it with love

At each stage (announcement, maternity, newborn, 6 months, 1 year), you'll be asked to write your child a letter. This is your chance to pour your heart out and let them know what you love most about each stage. Flash forward to years in the future, when your child can read those letters and truly SEE how much you wholeheartedly love them, and always have.

You'll also be asked to fill out a questionnaire at each stage so that you can make detailed notes about all your child's changes happening along the way. Not only will writing it all down help you remember, but your letters and info from the questionnaire will be used to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake... 

04 - want a baby album? consider it DONE!

There will be thousands and thousands of photos taken of your baby this first year. Not just from me, but on your end, as well. And while you might have good intentions and promise yourself that you'll print them out or make a photo album, this will take lots of time (and stress) to do.


What if I put the album together for you? Not only showcasing your favorite photos from each stage, but your words of love, too. That's right... the letters you've written to your child will be included, as well as info about each stage... so that you end up with a truly one-of-a-kind time capsule keepsake of your child's first year.

The Suitcase Studio - Babys First Year photography plan in Bend Oregon also includes a custom baby album

And since this will be created as a custom lifestyle magazine, it allows for more BIG images, instead of trying to cram all of your favorites into a smaller, more traditional 20-page book or album.  

And even better... you'll receive TWO copies of this magazine, so that there's one for YOU to enjoy, as well as one to set aside as a keepsake for your child

the suitcase studio - lifestyle baby photographer in bend, oregon - baby's first year photo plan including digital images

05 - get ALL the digitals

You'll receive digital images from each session, so that you can easily share online or download and print at any size. Images are added to an online gallery after each session, so that you have instant access to all your photos for the entire year, all in one place! This also makes it incredibly easy to share with the rest of your family so they can easily download and print just the images they'd like, too. While it's always a good idea to back up images on a computer or external drive, this gallery will also remain backed up online for TEN YEARS... for extra backup and peace of mind. 

06 - Don't want to DIY? Take 25% off products!

Whether you're interested in items you can't find elsewhere, or just don't have the time to do it yourself, you'll receive a 25% discount on all prints + products purchased directly through me. I can even design wall displays for your home... letting you virtually "try before you buy," by seeing EXACTLY how your new images will appear on your walls, so you can get the perfect sizes for your space!

take 25% off photo products, including canvases for your walls | The Suitcase Studio in Bend, Oregon

the online camera course made just for moms - photography one oh FUN - created by The Suitcase Studio and included in baby's first year plans in Bend, Oregon

07 - learn how to use your OWN camera better, too!

Here's the thing... I'll be there to capture the milestone moments for you, but there are a LOT of amazing in-between moments that I WON'T be around to capture. So I want to teach YOU how, so you won't miss a thing! You'll receive access to my online camera course made JUST for moms (called Photography One-Oh-FUN), which allows you to learn at your own pace. Lessons are broken down into bite-size pieces, and you'll learn to shoot in the exact documentary + lifestyle photographic style that I use. 

Make your baby's first year a truly unforgettable one... 

One of the things I like best about her photography is the FEEL. She captured moments in my life, not just poses for a shoot. I treasure each image as a photographic time capsule. The emotions are genuine, the overall feel of each image is simply a glimpse into a moment in time. The absolute best photographer from shoot to finish.
— Lauren
The Suitcase Studio offers lifestyle newborn photography in Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas.&nbsp;


Michelle Simmons, the lifestyle photographer behind The Suitcase Studio. Based in Bend, Oregon.

Because I'm more than just a photographer. 

With my degree in psychology and years spent working in children's group homes + art camps, I've learned to instantly connect with a range of personalities and work with all sorts of moodsI work hard so that you don't have to... creating the most stress-free and FUN experience from start to finish, including session planning, how to get the family EXCITED to take photos, and even tips on how to use YOUR OWN camera better, too. 


The camera has been an extension of my hand for most of my life, and I've been running The Suitcase Studio for 10 years now... providing FUN + stress-free photo sessions for the adventurous, authentic + AWESOME. 

And I still use my psychology training and insight on each + every photo shoot as I calm the nerves of parents, maneuver kids out of meltdown mode, and help everyone connect in the most genuine of ways.

I see you the way your loved ones see you; quirks and all. And we celebrate that uniqueness, together. HOW? By creating a FUN photo experience for all involved (cross my heart). Yes, we'll be taking pictures. But by the end of it, I swear you'll forget I have the camera in my hand. So let's PLAY!



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