making memories at the OC Fair

With all that the 2011 Orange County Fair had to offer, it’s no wonder that they chose “Let’s Eat!” as their theme this year.  I’ll admit it… I look forward to the fair foods each year, and this year was no exception. I was there with 20+ friends the other day, and eating seemed to take up most of our time (which I was perfectly okay with). And with a crowd that large, we got to try it all. (Take a bite and pass it on…)

Since we had such a large group, we didn’t move very quickly. We didn’t rush from place to place to try and see it all. In fact, we missed out on seeing a lot. But that was just fine, because we had a blast simply being in each other’s company. I have to admit, it was quite a different experience for me. I’m usually one to make lists of everything I want to do and map it all out to maximize my time. This year, I did things very differently. I showed up and took a backseat. And it was definitely nice.

No, I didn’t see the cute baby animals. I didn’t attend any live events, nor did I see the planted vegetable gardens. I didn’t even see the visual art displays.

But I saw a lot of other things. I saw one friend try to run away from bubbles. I saw another friend’s face light up as she described the newest movement of her unborn child. I saw a lot of laughter as we passed around the fried foods. And I saw smiles on everyone’s faces, simply from being there in each other’s company.

I saw a lot of wonderful things that turned the experience into a memorable day.

And for those who are wondering… all images here were taken with my iPhone 4, and edited using only the Instagram app.