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Did you know that one of my FAAAAAAVORITE things to photograph is behind-the-scenes pics for small businesses + brands???


Because there's so much HEART that goes into everything they do, which is absolutely impossible to convey through stock photos and a boring headshot.

Each business + brand has a STORY, and I like to tell it.

Case in point:
Meet David from Casa Repairs (based in Redmond, OR).

Specializing in home repairs and remodeling, David wanted to get some photos to SHOW clients what he does... instead of the typical "here I am standing in front of my work truck" as is most commonly seen in his industry.

So we borrowed a family friend's house and staged a few scenes to photograph what he specializes in: drywall repair and designer wall texturing, custom flooring, painting services, carpentry, and more.

And then we dug even deeper to get some photos to show off what makes HIM different from others out there... traveling with a stand-up saw and is able to cut pieces down to size immediately and on-site, is CLEAN and goes to great lengths to take care of the home he's working in, and being incredibly friendly and easy to work with!

Like I said before... there's no WAY you're gonna be able to convey all THAT through a basic headshot.

But through this lifestyle photo session, you’re actually able to SEE what he does, and connect with David and his business in a way that NO stock photo could ever do.

business and branding photography in bend oregon and surrounding areas

So… Wanna tell YOUR business + branding story better in 2019???

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New photos for your Bend business

Today's #tiptuesday goes out to my small businesses + solopreneurs out there...

Your business is so much MORE than just the finished product or service you provide.

And THAT'S what you need to show people.

The Suitcase Studio offers behind the scenes photos for businesses in Bend, Oregon

For example, let's take Dr. Kelley Mingus (pictured above), who is a local dentist here in Bend. (And who is also in the middle of a rebrand + wanted some new photos to match.)

Now, while most of us might not get EXCITED about going to the dentist, when we DO select a dentist, we want to be as comfortable + confident as possible, right???

So, instead of simply snapping pictures of him, his space, tools, and teeth (like many other photographers might do), we dug a bit DEEPER into what makes HIM DIFFERENT.

Like... initial consultations that take place OUT of a dental chair, comfortable waiting rooms with free beverages and WINE from the local Naked Winery for clients 21+, tools and technology that others in the field don't have (providing a less invasive /more comfortable experience with even better results), and PERSONABLE interactions every step of the way!

And we got pics of all THAT stuff.

The Suitcase Studio - photos of what makes a Bend business different
The Suitcase Studio - business photos showing off technology offered by dentist Kelley Mingus
The Suitcase Studio - photo showing that dentist Dr. Kelley Mingus offers local Naked Winery wines to 21+ clients, to help relax and offer a more comfortable experience

Because it's not just about the final result (a great smile), but also about everything that happens along the way.

Show off a bit of your process, your personality, and what makes you different, and you'll better connect with your desired clients.

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