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Why Become a Personal Brand Photographer?

If you are a lifestyle photographer, you’ve probably heard the term “personal brand photography” being tossed around a LOT lately. But why all the buzz?

Personal Branding Photography has become the NEWEST NICHE in the photography industry.

The Suitcase Studio is teaching the hows + whys behind Personal Branding Photography

Here are the TOP 3 REASONS why Personal Branding Photography is spreading like wildfire:

01: The Photography Industry is rapidly CHANGING.

The birth of digital photography and online consumerism changed our industry in a MAJOR way. Nowadays, nearly everyone has at least one digital camera and/or high-level phone camera in their home. They also have direct access to online labs and product manufacturers, so it’s no longer NECESSARY for families to go through us to get great photos and products in their hands. Now, I’m not saying that the DIY-er will get the same quality of photos or products as what you might be able to offer. But nowadays, many families are opting out of hiring a professional photographer and deciding to go the DIY route instead, which means that (1) family portraits aren’t being booked as consistently as before, and (2) product sales are also down.

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02: The Wedding Industry is changing, as well.

If you are a wedding photographer, you might have already noticed this trend. Nowadays, less people are getting married than ever before. And those that DO get married are waiting till later in life and opting for a smaller budget. This means that there are fewer weddings being booked consistently, and people are not spending nearly the $$ amount as they might have before

Being a brand photographer isn’t just for the coaches + bloggers, either… there are lots and lots of small businesses and brands that are looking for custom photography!

But it’s not ALL doom + gloom. Because Reason #3 is a GREAT ONE:

03: When it comes to BUSINESSES + BRANDS… the marketing world has shifted, so that consumers need to have a PERSONAL CONNECTION with the brands they support and the services they hire.

An easy way to get that personal message across is by having custom photography done specifically for the business/brand. And since there are more + MORE people making a living as solopreneurs, coaches, small businesses and brands than ever before, there is a brand new market available to YOU to tap into, as lifestyle photographers, to be able to offer them exactly what they need. 

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This bears repeating…

As consistent bookings for family portraits + wedding photography are declining, Personal Branding Photography bookings are SOARING!!!

Because this new market NEEDS your lifestyle photography talents, and are WANTING to hire you! Liiike, they might as well be waving handfuls of dollar bills in your face, because they HAVE a marketing budget and are READY + WANTING to pay you!!!

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But it gets even better… 

Because while our industry HAS become pretty saturated with family photographers, wedding photographers, and a million other types of lifestyle photographers… 

VERY FEW PHOTOGRAPHERS are currently offering Personal Branding Photography services! 

What this means for YOU is that the sooner you start offering branding photography services, the sooner YOU become the go-to expert and can start building up consistent clientele (and steady money) with it!

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Now… before you get waaaay too excited + start telling everyone you know that you now offer branding photo services, you’d better beware… being a Personal Brand Photographer is so much MORE than simply taking great-looking photos.

To be a successful Personal Brand Photographer, you’ll need to be able to understand the MARKETING world and how to properly use it to your advantage, so that you are offering branding photos that are serving a PURPOSE.

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