FUN photo experiences with less posing + more PLAY.


the suitcase studio offers documentary and lifestyle day in the life photo sessions. destination family photography.

Whether celebrating something special or a peek into a day-in-your-life, you'll be reconnecting with your family and sharing stories you want to remember always. And combining your own words with brand new photos, we'll create a one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake, in video format as well as something to hold in your hands and pass down from generation to generation. 

kid + family

Let's get REAL. These aren't the old-skool, matchy-matchy, traditional family portraits of the past. We're gonna PLAY. Let's breathe life into your own personal stories, and create some new life-long memories, too! 


the suitcase studio offers free portrait sessions for tweens ages 10-12 as part of the who i am project

As a parent, I'm sure you struggle watching your preteen live through some stuff that you wish you could magically make better. I want to do what I can to help ease your pain + help build tween self-esteem. Qualifying participants in the WHO I AM Project will receive a FREE photo session, as well as $50 credit towards the purchase of a package. But this is sooooo much MORE than just a photo shoot.


Fun + stress-free photos for solopreneurs and businesses, to tell the story behind your brand and help distinguish it from the crowd. Keeping things casual to bring out your personality and bring on the FUN!

online camera course

Introducing Photography One-Oh-FUN, the online camera course made just for busy moms! Not only will you learn the technical and creative side of your camera (including tips you WON'T find anywhere else), but I also teach you elements such as discovering your personal stories and getting your family ON BOARD with the camera coming out. The course is broken down into bite-size pieces + includes downloadable apps so you can take on-the-go reminders with you as you practice your new photo skills in REAL LIFE.