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The Suitcase Studio - fun + stress-free family photo experiences in Orange County, CA
The Suitcase Studio offers fun family photos in Orange County, CA

Sunday, November 25:


Get ready for the most FUN and stress-free family photo experience EVER! Because my photo sessions are actually FUN... with less posing and more PLAY! 

I’ll turn on a Spotify playlist (because music makes everything better), play a few games with the kids, and give your family lots of things to DO... so that instead of forced smiles and awkward poses, your genuine love and affection SHINES THROUGH. Yes, I'll be posing you a little bit along the way to make sure we get some classic shots you'll love. But I promise that you'll love the results... and even pinkie promise to SHOW you the back of my camera during the session so you can immediately SEE just how awesome your family really is!

This 30-minute session is MINI but MIGHTY... A retainer fee of $199 is required to save your spot, which includes a 30-minute session + 10 digital images.

The Suitcase Studio is bringing FUN family photography to the Dallas and Southlake, Texas area on May 19 + 20
the suitcase studio - family photographer in Orange County, CA
the suitcase studio - fun family photo sessions in Orange County, California
fun family photos with The Suitcase Studio

November 19-24


Want an even MORE custom experience, with LOTS of interaction and PLAY?

The Signature Session is a great way to update family photos and create a memorable EXPERIENCE along the way, too. It's the "traditional" photo session, with a FUN twist. Just like the Mini Session, we'll be incorporating music and play, and sooooo much more! 

This is a truly CUSTOM experience, from start to finish. And it doesn't end when the shoot is over, but continues all the way through, till you've got finished products in your hands or on your walls. 

The Signature Session lasts 1-2 hours at the location(s) of your choice. And while some parents worry that their young kiddos might not last that long, I've actually found the OPPOSITE to be true... the kids do BETTER with this full-length session instead of a MINI. Because instead of being pressured to perform within a certain timeframe (which can lead to meltdowns), this session offers ample time for them to warm up to the camera, explore their surroundings, take snack breaks as needed, and we got lots + LOTS of awesome photos throughout. Which means that YOU can actually relax + enjoy, too!

After the session is over, I can even show you what YOUR OWN photos will look like on YOUR OWN walls, so that you can "try before you buy," and know EXACTLY what you're getting. 

The Signature Session is my most POPULAR session type. It includes detailed planning, lasts 1-2 hours at the location(s) of your choice, and you'll be shown a minimum of 50 images from which to select.

A retainer fee of $299 is required to save your spot, which includes a $99 Session Fee and $200 credit towards your purchase.

wondering WHICH session type is best for YOU?

Click here to read why you might want to go with the full-length Signature Session instead of a Mini Session (especially if you have young kids)

Click here to see a sample gallery from a recent Mini Session.

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About The Photographer...

Michelle Simmons is the photographer behind The Suitcase Studio, offering fun lifestyle photography services for kids + family. She's traveling to Southlake/Dallas, Texas on May 19 + 20

Hey there! I'm Michelle... the one behind the camera.

Sooo... why book an experience with ME? Because I'm more than just a photographer.

With my degree in psychology and years spent working in children's group homes + art camps, I've learned to instantly connect with a range of personalities and work with all sorts of moodsI work hard so that you don't have to... creating the most stress-free and FUN experience from start to finish, including session planning, how to get the entire family excited, and even tips on what to DO with your photos AFTER you have them.

Long story shortThe camera has been an extension of my hand for most of my life, and I've been running The Suitcase Studio for over 10 years now... providing FUN + stress-free photo experiences for the adventurous, authentic and AWESOME.

And I still use my psychology training and insight on each + every photo shoot as I calm the nerves of parents, maneuver kids out of meltdown mode, and help everyone connect in the most genuine of ways.

I see you the way your loved ones see you; quirks and all. And we celebrate that uniqueness, together. HOW? By creating a FUN photo experience for all involved (cross my heart). Yes, we'll be taking pictures. But by the end of it, I swear you'll forget I have the camera in my hand. So let's PLAY!

Have questions? I've got answers!
Use the form below to get in touch, or give me a call at 541-633-7598.