Photography One-Oh-FUN || Camera Course
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online camera course made just for moms - Photography one-oh-FUN by The Suitcase Studio

Let me guess... you've got a GREAT camera, but still struggle to use it?  I CAN HELP!

So..... Why THIS photo course?

Maybe you've taken another camera class class before. Maybe you've picked up a few photography books or have even fallen down the "Pinterest rabbit hole" trying to learn how to use your fancy camera.

But sometimes it's just TOO MUCH information, or NOT the information you were looking for. So your camera is still stuck on AUTO, and your photos just don't look the way you want them to.

But THERE'S HOPE. I'm here to teach you the technical AND creative how-to in a step-by-step and stress-free way, so that your camera skills will improve immediately... no matter what camera you're currently rocking.

I'll also be teaching you MY STYLE of shooting, which often times goes against what you learn in the books. (I'll be teaching some basic "rules" of photography, as well as how/why/when to BREAK them.)

online camera course for moms - by The Suitcase Studio

Learn new skills, and practice on-the-go!

Lessons are broken up into 3 modules, which means that you won't get overwhelmed by too much information all at once. And you'll also have a chance to practice what you're learning before moving on to the next step!

Even better... there are coordinating "homework" apps which can be downloaded directly to your phone. Think of these as "cheat sheets" for practicing your new skills while you're on the go in the real world. Because we all learn better by DOING.

So watch a video, download the homework app, then bring your camera with you as you go throughout your day, and get ready to practice what you learn... right away!

join Photography one-oh-FUN, the online photography course for moms - by The Suitcase Studio

Just remember... REAL is the new "perfect."

Don't worry... I'm not training you to be a professional photographer. It's not about "smile for the camera" or getting those perfect poses (though I DO offer plenty of ideas on how to get THOSE if you're interested, too!) This is all about learning how to use your camera in REAL LIFE, so you can document all those special moments as they happen.

Because the camera is a tool to help us capture those connections.

So, utilizing my background in child psychology, I'll even be teaching you a few tricks to help push past the forced smiles or the grumblings of those who'd rather not be photographed in the first place, to get your family's cooperation and (dare I say) EXCITEMENT with the camera, too. 

online photography course made for moms - Photography One-Oh-FUN by The Suitcase Studio

Learn at your OWN pace.

This online camera course is broken up into bite-sized videos that you can watch whenever actually works for YOU.

Whether that's over morning coffee, during your daughter's afternoon nap, or even while sitting on the sidelines of your kiddo's soccer practice, you're in control of the when and where. 

And each lesson builds upon the prior one, which means that you won't get overwhelmed by too much information all at once. You can focus on learning ONE new skill before moving on, so that you are confident in taking that next step.

You'll also have lifetime access to this course. So you can learn at your own pace and feel your confidence grow!

Photography One-Oh-Fun - the online camera course made for busy moms

NOW is the BEST time to enroll in the course.

Because you KNOW you've always wanted to get to learn your camera better, and you don't want yet another year to pass by without feeling confident when you pick up your camera.

And in honor of NATIONAL PHOTO MONTH, get this photo course for ONLY $49 through May 31!

Don't miss out...
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Photography One-Oh-FUN || Camera Course
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learn to take better pictures with your own camera - Photography One-Oh-Fun

What you'll learn: 

  • technical details including the (not-so-scary) exposure triangle, which settings to use for when, and more

  • creative aspects such as composition, finding the light, storytelling through photography + other fun stuff

  • how I break the "rules" to achieve MY unique look + feel

  • how to push past the fake smiles + "I don't wanna's" to get those family photos you CRAVE

  • how to discover + use your "why" to help tell your unique story


Online workshop includes:

  • multiple videos for each lesson, accessible online so you can watch anywhere

  • downloadable "homework" apps, to help you practice while on-the-go


And these BONUSES:

  • a list of my favorite vendors so you know what to DO with those photos after taking them

  • cropping guide for photos, to know how to print them to look their best

Class Curriculum for Photography One-Oh-FUN:


Lesson one: The technical stuff

Video 01: Starter Camera Settings (27:37)

Video 02: All About ISO (11:34)

Video 03: Aperture + Shooting in Aperture Priority Mode (14:33)

Video 04: Shutter Speed + Shooting in Shutter Priority Mode (7:57)

Video 05: Putting it All Together + Learning Manual Mode (8:45)


lesson two: the creative side

Video 01: Composition Basics (16:24)

Video 02: Getting Creative with Composition (20:59)

Video 03: Find the Light (38:41)


lesson three: storytelling through the lens

Video 01: Finding Your WHY + Photographing with Intent (31:23)

Video 02: REAL is the New "Perfect" (28:09)

Video 03: Getting Your Family's Cooperation (57:24)

Video 04: Photo Project Ideas (11:53)

Photography One-Oh-FUN || Camera Course
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Michelle Simmons - owner of The Suitcase Studio and instructor for Photography One-Oh-FUN

Hey there... I'm Michelle

I've been running The Suitcase Studio for over 10 years now (offering FUN lifestyle photo experiences for the adventurous, authentic + AWESOME). But I've actually had a camera in my hand since age 9. Following in my dad's footsteps, I loved documenting our everyday lives + gathering around the dining room table to pass the photographs around, recalling the moments.

I've always been an observer of people and a collector of stories.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, spent a few years working in children's group homes and art camps, and have seen the difference that art therapy can make. 

And I still use my psychology training and insight on each + every photo shoot as I calm the nerves of parents, maneuver kids out of meltdown mode, and help everyone connect in the most genuine of ways. 

As a "self-taught" photographer, MOST of my A-HA moments have come during workshops and by simply practicing with my camera. And since I'm all about community over competition, I want to pass along my favorite tips + tricks you simply won't find elsewhere, so that you can creatively + confidently document your everyday moments.

Because REAL LIFE doesn't have to be perfect to be BEAUTIFUL.



Q: When does the course start and finish?

A: There is NO set "start" and "finish," as this is a self-paced course. Videos are pre-recorded and available to you at any time. You can go at your own pace - YOU decide when you start and when you finish. The videos are NOT live webinars, so you don't have to worry about being available on a certain time or date.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Q: Do I need to be a MOM to participate in this course?

A: NOPE! You can be a dad, a pet-parent, or not a parent of any kind. However, since most of my clients DO happen to be moms, I've designed this workshop with them in mind. The sample images are primarily of kids, and I'll also be teaching how to interact with them for the best photos possible.

Q: Is this course for me if I don't have a "good" camera yet?

A: It depends... this workshop IS designed for those who own a DSLR camera, as we'll be covering the technical aspects of shooting with that type of camera. However, if you have a newer point-and-shoot (with AP, TV, and manual modes), or will be in the market for a DSLR soon, you will also get a lot out of this class.

Q: Will you be teaching how to EDIT our photos?

A: Nope. "I can just Photoshop it later" has become a phrase that's waaaaaay too over-used. Let's face it... in REAL life, no one has the TIME to edit each and every image taken. So instead, I'm teaching you how to get the best shots in-camera so you don't feel the need to edit each one. This course will NOT include any information on how to edit your photos, but if there's enough interest in this topic, I just might put together a course in the future to help with that.

Q: What if I am unhappy with the course?

A: Unfortunately, as this is a digital product, no refunds will be given once you've purchased.

Q: I'm thinking of starting my OWN photography business. Can I still take this course?

A: Yes! I'm a huge believer in community over competition. However, please note that this is primarily a beginner's workshop, and that all material presented in the workshop is copyrighted and may not be shared or presented as your own. No "business" information will be shared, as this workshop is designed for personal use only. However, if you're interested in discussing business stuff or would like to learn the more creative side of how I do what I do, I'm happy to set up a one-on-one mentoring session with you instead.

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Photography One-Oh-FUN || Camera Course
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