Custom Photo + Social Media Solutions
for Small Businesses + Solopreneurs

Available in Bend, Oregon + surrounding areas

 custom social media strategy + implementation with custom branding photos in Bend, Oregon - by The Suitcase Studio and Shannon Lee Strategy

custom social media services for small businesses + solopreneurs that’s DONE FOR YOU, so you can get back to doing what you LOVE…

actually running your business!

The Suitcase Studio has teamed up with Shannon Lee Strategy in order provide the most CUSTOM social media marketing experience ever.

Here’s what makes our Monthly Social Media + Photo Subscription so awesome:

 commercial photography and branding photos by The Suitcase Studio and Bend Oregon social media marketing by Shannon Lee Strategy

it’s one less thing for YOU to do…

We get it. Running a business is HARD, and you have to wear a lot of hats. Whether you’re a one-woman show or have a team of payers, you’ve already got ENOUGH on your plate.

Let us tackle your social media planning + scheduling.

Not only will you receive custom social media planning based on your specific needs, and custom photos + graphics created specifically for that plan, but we will take care of all the scheduling + posting FOR YOU (including hashtags, locations, and all the other nitty-gritty details that suck up too much of your time).

it’s a custom marketing plan designed just for YOUR brand

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

We help identify your target market + how to best connect with them… incorporating your unique look, feel, voice, and other important details into everything we do.   

This gives your brand a cohesive look across all platforms, so it becomes instantly recognizable + memorable…

which helps you stand out from your competition.

 Branding photography by The Suitcase Studio and social media management by Shannon Lee Strategy. Partnering to provide custom services to Bend businesses, like Caboost Kombucha.

 custom brand photography by The Suitcase Studio for Effectual Nutrition in Bend Oregon, with social media solutions provided by Shannon Lee Strategy

social media posts with a PURPOSE.

We know how it goes… there’s a sudden “oh, crap!” moment when you realize it’s been awhile since you’ve been online, and scramble to put SOMETHING up on your social networks.

So your posts end up being a mish-mash of a bunch of random things that mediocre engagement, leaving you feeling frazzled + like you’re wasting your time.

But what if your social posts worked FOR you?

We will create a unique marketing plan and schedule it ahead of time, not only allowing you to breathe deeply knowing that it’s DONE, but that there is a reason and a PURPOSE behind each and every social post in place.

Working directly with you, we’ll create a unique marketing plan that keeps you in the forefront of your audience’s mind… by highlighting what YOU want them to know about who you are + what you do, taking into consideration any seasonal services or products you’d like to sell more of and educating your audience along the way so they’re not only primed to purchase, but also end up becoming loyal brand advocates along the way.

build REAL relationships, not just random followings

We like to use the 80/20 rule…

80% of the time we’ll share posts that engage, educate, entertain + connect with your audience, in order to build a long-term following.

And only 20% of the posts will be used to directly sell your product or services.


Because nowadays, it’s all about EMOTIONAL marketing.

And unlike other marketing methods, social media allows you to strip away the “strictly business” side of what you do, and express your HUMANITY.

Stories, connections, and being personable so that your client can recognize themselves within your service/product and want to be a part of it.

And the best way to do this is to SHOW THEM HOW.

 Shannon Lee Strategy provides social media marketing in Bend, Oregon using custom branding photos from The Suitcase Studio

so why hire US?

I get it. You've got a limited budget, and you're scouring the web looking for marketing solutions that will fit you juuuuuuust right. So why should you hire US?

Because I'm MORE than just a photographer. With my degree in psychology + years spent in social media marketing, not only do I know how to uncover your unique voice + style, but SHOW IT OFF for the world to see your brilliance, too. I understand the subtleties of color choice, image placement, and visual/written content that will leave them wanting MORE. Don't believe me? Check out what my nearly 10k Instagram followers have to say.    

I've also personally been there, too. I've built my own business from the ground up, and have been running The Suitcase Studio for almost 10 years now, handling all of my own branding, social media content, marketing materials and web design, too!

 Hello there... I'm Michelle, the one behind the camera.

Hello there... I'm Michelle, the one behind the camera.

And on top of that... my photography style is totally FUN + stress-free. Even the GUYS have said how much fun they have. So if you're not comfortable in front of the camera... no worries! I actually prefer REAL people over models any day, and will have you feeling like the million bucks (and more) that you're worth.

And a few technical details (in case you're a biz geek who's into that sort of thing)... I'm a member of Professional  Photographers of America, I carry liability insurance, and have been published on the cover of The Source Weekly.

My name is Michelle Simmons, and I'm here to capture all the authenticity of who you are and what you do... whatever that might be. Cross my heart, pinkie promise, and all that jazz.

 The Suitcase Studio offers personal branding photography - such as this lifestyle portrait of timree gold of timree art studio in newport beach, ca - voted one of the top 10 art studios in the us.
WOW!...All I can say is that the work that Michelle has done for me is priceless. Not only for my family but for my business as well. She makes me feel so comfortable...and the kids love her. She is so prepared and very professional...with room to laugh off any awkward moment of trying to pose for a shot. But posing is not necessary...she will capture you at your finest moment.

For my business she truly captures the true “me” in the photos. I have a very branded business and she understands how to capture it the best. I definitely recommend The Suitcase Studio for anyone who wants to LOVE their pictures. The hardest part...is picking the best shot because there are so many!
— Timree Gold (Timree Art Studio, in Newport Beach, CA and voted One of the Top 10 Art Studios in the US)

digital images INCLUDED

But it gets even better...

You'll receive high-resolution digital images (for PRINT purposes), as well as WEB-READY images, already resized and ready to go! Images will also come properly named for SEO purposes. (Your marketing guru will thank you for this one.)

Digital images are delivered as downloadable files, presented to you in an online gallery which will remain securely backed up for TEN YEARS and is accessible at any time. Images are safe + sound, and always at your fingertips. And the gallery can easily be easily shared with the rest of your team (your assistant, web designer, marketing guru, etc.), so that they have access when they need it, and you won't be bothered.   

 personal brand photography and lifestyle product photography sessions all include digital images - the suitcase studio


on-location or in-studio

So.... your place or mine? 

I provide on-location services whenever possible, to let your authenticity shine through. But sometimes you just need a little more room to stretch out.  

Studio rental is available for an additional fee. 

so what's it gonna cost?

I get it... you have a limited budget + need to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck! That's why I customize each session type so that it fits juuuuuust right. 

Business/branding photography sessions start at $349.

And headshots start at just $199 a pop.  

Special event coverage is available, too. 

Remember... this IS in an investment. And pssst... it can also be a business write-off. Just keep in mind that you DO get what you pay for. So I'll bend over backwards to make sure you're happy with your results, no matter what your price point.

 The Suitcase studio offers band photography and behind the scenes business photos in bend oregon and nationwide.

 Caboost Kombucha in Bend, Oregon - lifestyle brand photography by The Suitcase Studio

ready for the most CUSTOM experience ever?

Get your SOCIAL MEDIA under control!

I've teamed up with Shannon Lee Strategy to bring you custom content creation with original photos created specifically for that content... leading to a streamlined online marketing plan with a cohesive look, feel and VOICE.

And one LESS thing to handle yourself!  

SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICING available for a limited time.

"okay... but do you photograph (fill-in-the-blank)?"

My answer to this is MOST LIKELY YES. If you like my style + feel a connection, then that's a great start. 

If you're a small business, blogger, social influencer, interior designer, artist, teacher, photographer, coach, hairstylist, real estate agent, restaurant/brewery owner, lawyer, doctor, have your own clothing line or retail store, or anything else even remotely along these lines... you're in the right place!

A client list and testimonials/letters of recommendation are available upon request.

But for now, just click through the gallery below to see just a few of my happy clients.

What are you waiting for? Let's DO THIS!



Expect a reply within 24 hours. You may also contact me directly via the following:

email: michelle@theSuitcaseStudio.com

phone: (541) 633-7598 (no text messages, please)

The Suitcase Studio offers lifestyle business / personal branding photography services in Bend, Oregon + beyond. Visits to Southern California happen throughout the year, and travel sessions elsewhere are available upon request.

 head shots and local business photographer in bend oregon - the suitcase studio