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Self-esteem can be developed or crushed in an instant, especially for the preteen or early teen (ages 9-16). This is a notoriously rough age, and I'm sure we all have our own "survival" stories.

There's no easy solution to this. But I want to do what little I can with the tools and talents I have, to reach out and help make a positive impact wherever & whenever possible. Getting back to my roots (psychology, child development, art therapy and photography), I have launched a photo project that I'd love for you to be a part of:

The WHO I AM Project

Participants receive a FREE photo session ($99 value), 
and $50 credit towards purchase of a package.

(That's $149 in value, for FREE.)

Meet a few past participants... 

What’s it all about?

Watch the video to learn a bit more about the WHO I AM Project... what it is, why I'm doing this, and how to participate.


Here’s how it works:

After signing up, you'll receive questionnaires to SECRETLY pass out to family + friends. And you'll receive lots of tips on what your kid should wear + bring, and how to make this an AMAZING experience all the way through.

Then the 30-minute portrait session will take place, showcasing your kid's personality and what they love... in one outfit for a favorite look, and another outfit to show off a favorite hobby, sport, or something else that fills them with confidence. 

Within 3 weeks after their session, you'll receive a link to view the finished photos and a VIDEO which combines a few photos with quotes pulled directly from the secret questionnaires.

Think about it... if someone surprised YOU with 15-20 positive quotes about yourself, how would you feel?

I bet it would be pretty dang AMAZING!

Check out this sample video of an ACTUAL Who I Am experience, to see how it all comes together:

What parents are saying:

The Suitcase Studio offers WHO I AM photo sessions to tweens and teens to help self-esteem, in Bend, Oregon, Orange County, California, and nationwide upon request
Oh, my word, Michelle. That was fantastic!! We watched it with Braeden and then I sent it to my sisters and my parents. They all loved it. It was so special! I was laughing, though, because Braeden kept going, ‘When did she take that picture?!’ And ‘I don’t remember that!’ Haha. He really loved all of the added thoughts from family, too.
— Kat (Braeden's mom)
Ok so I’m obviously amazed! I want the package with the sun, moon and stars... lol.
— Anna (Aidan's mom)
The Suitcase Studio offers free photo sessions for tweens and teens in Orange County, CA and Bend, OR as part of her WHO I AM Proejct
The WHO I AM Project is a free photo session for tweens and teens by The Suitcase Studio in Bend, Oregon, Orange County, California and nationwide upon request
Thank you!!! We love the pictures and video. Emily was tearing up while watching the video. She is a very sentimental person so this really meant a lot to her.
— Kaylee (Emily's mom)
That video is amazing! Cadin loved it! He cried. Sweet boy. Thank you so much. That was just what he needed.
— Kristen (Cadin's mom)
The Suitcase Studio - lifestyle photographer of Bend Oregon tweens and teens. Building self-confidence by offering free photo sessions with the Who I Am Project.

Wanna Participate?
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AUGUST 2019 (Exact dates tbd)

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ORange county, ca:
AUGUST 25, 2019

OTHER locations /dates:
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The Suitcase Studio offers free portrait sessions for teens and tweens in Orange County, CA and Bend, OR