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I see you the way your loved ones see you; quirks and all. And we celebrate that uniqueness, together. HOW? By creating a FUN photo experience for all involved (cross my heart). Kids think I'm all kinds of cool. Parents think I'm a superhero of some kind. Modern entrepreneurs think I MUST be reading their minds. And the moms (+ even the dads) think I must have magical powers of some sort. Because everyone walks away smiling... for real.

Yes, we'll be taking pictures. But by the end of it, I swear you'll forget I have the camera in my hand... cross my heart and pinkie promise. So, let's PLAY!


hey there... I'm Michelle...

the person behind the camera.

Michelle Simmons of The suitcase studio is a lifestyle photographer in bend oregon

In my spare time you'll find me wandering the local trails with my trusty sidekick Jasper (my mini-wienerdog), starting conversations with strangers, geeking out to the latest Marvel movie, and singing at the top of my lungs along with the car radio.  Because the motto I choose to live by is simply this: find joy every day.

Long story short: The camera has been an extension of my hand for most of my life, and I've been running The Suitcase Studio for nearly 10 years now. My dad was the one who used to document our everyday life, and that became my norm, too. With my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I spent a few years working in children's group homes, art camps, and I've seen the difference that art therapy can make. Funny enough, I still use my psychology training and insight on each & every photo shoot, as I calm the nerves of parents and maneuver kids out of meltdown mode, and help everyone connect in the most genuine of ways.


about the lifestyle photo EXPERIENCE...

(and what I used to look like with short hair... ha!)


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