Introducing my "teeny-weenie"... JASPER!

For the (very) few people left who haven't heard (or seen) yet, I HAVE A NEW DOG!!! His name is Jasper, and I am soooooo much in love with him. He just turned 3 months old yesterday, and boy is he a handful!  I knew that puppies were a lot of work, but the DOING is always different from the knowing, right? It's like having a toddler on crack. Though, I must admit that as far as his behavior goes, he is VERY well behaved for a puppy. I have to give credit where credit is due... I am so happy that I got him from where I did: AP Ranch, located in Fallbrook. Pauline is the person who runs the show there, and she is absolutely fabulous! I could go on and on about how well adjusted my pup was by the time I brought him home with me... he'd already been around big dogs and was comfortable with them, was used to being handled by all kinds of different people, was okay with being touched all over (including the paws and belly, which are usually sensitive spots), was a very social pup, and was even started on potty training! (I cannot thank you enough for everything, Pauline!)

Jasper has started his puppy training classes at PetSmart, and is doing very well so far (he is the social butterfly in class, even trying to play with the huge labs.) So far, he's learned "watch me," "sit" (with no verbal command to do so), and is learning to walk properly on his leash. Personality-wise... he is such a little mama's boy! He follows me around the house wherever I go.  If I go into a different room and leave him behind, he'll sit outside the door and wait for me to come back (even if my husband is still in the room with him)!

I just wanted to share my joy at bringing him into our little family, and show him off a bit. I'm sure that you'll be seeing plenty more photos of him in the future, but here are a few favorites that I was able to catch a few weeks ago.