the Cole Family

This was a casual little photo session; the family wanted updated shots of them and their little girl, Bella. And Chris is wanting to get back into modeling and wanted some updated headshots of himself, as well.  We had originally planned on heading to the beach to use it as our background, but since it was such a beautiful day in the middle of summer and the middle of the day, we all figured we wouldn't stand a chance to find a decent spot there unless we fought our way through the crowds. No need for that when there are plenty of opportunities all around us.  Chris suggested using a park near his home instead. Sure thing! Just goes to show you that there are beautiful backgrounds to be found almost anywhere you look. The park itself was pretty flat and open; it was also in the open sunshine (which usually doesn't make for pretty portraits).  Instead, we used the middle of the street to take most of our shots, and a tool shed for some of Chris's headshots. Yup, you read that right.

We were in a really nice neighborhood which had a median area with a few trees, grass and rose bushes. SCORE!  That was our canvas for the following favorite shots of mine:


Next, we headed over to what appeared to be a toolshed.  With its brick walls and red door, it made for a wonderful background for Chris's headshots. And no one will ever have to know that it wasn't somewhere absolutely fabulous instead. (shhhh....)