fair play

On Sunday, I went to Octoberfest. No, not the kind with German beer and schnitzels... this was a family-friendly fair held at the school that my nieces attend. My husband and I decided to join up with his sis, husband and their kiddos for all the family fun. And just in time, too... because it was the last day of the fair.  Not only did I hold my position as kid wrangler and entertainer, I also managed to be a member of the paparazzi, as well. Here are a few favorite shots that I was able to snag along the way:

Michael and his Mama (my sis-in-law, and also my 2nd shooter, Maria)


This was Grace's favorite ride of the year... she must have gone on it at least THREE times... and that was just while we were there that one night.  (This was their 3rd day at the fair).  Called the "Tornado," it was almost like Disneyland's teacups ride, but raised up a bit. She didn't want to spin her area, though... she even rode separately from her sister so that her sister could spin her own seat, cuz Grace just didn't want to spin. It wasn't until my husband (Tony) joined her for the last ride that she finally gave in and practically BEGGED him to spin it faster and faster and faster! (Ah... the magic that is "Tio.") Grace had a blast... Tony was dizzy.




Michael and "Tio." They are soooo cute together.





Ah, the ferris wheel. We didn't get to ride, but it's a beautiful thing.


Now, THIS one was interesting... my other niece, Laura, pretty much BEGGED me to go on it with her. I turned her down because I didn't want to waste any of their ride tickets on myself. But she was pretty adamant. She was willing to give up going on another ride so that I could come with her on this one. Sweet kid. So, I went handgliding with her. And HOLY COW this ride was SOOOOOOO FUN! (Though I was incredibly dizzy for a LONG time afterwards, but it was totally worth it.)


I held the camera out in front of me the entire time... here are a few shots of what it looked like from ON the ride:




And, here is my niece, singing "I believe I can fly!" (over and over and over again...)


The sun started to set on our day...


"FAIR" thee well....