here comes Santa CLAWS...

This is Jasper's first Christmas, so of COURSE I'm going overboard. While my husband rolls his eyes and looks the other way, I decorate my dog. Thank goodness my pup is such a wonderful subject for the camera. Seriously. Between his natural demeanor and the training I've given him so far, he is WONDERFUL in front of the lens... even when I'm mere inches from his face. Commands went something like this: "on your bed," "down," "wait." Then I use a piece of food to guide him to look where I want to, ask him to wait again, take a picture with one hand, and say "okay" and give him the food. Repeat. Several times. Costume change. Repeat again. Ta-Da! I still didn't get a chance to create "the shot" I was after... so I'll have to do this all again when my home is decorated for the holidays. Oh, darn.  ; )