Wish Upon a Wedding

WUW_Logo Wish Upon a Wedding is a new organization, dedicated to granting weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States to couples facing life-threatening illnesses. It was recently founded by wedding planner Liz Guthrie of San Jose Wedding Consultants, with the hope that no couple should ever be denied the chance to marry the one they love.  Wish Upon a Wedding is the only organization of its kind in existence today.

By calling on a regional database of wedding vendors known as "Wish Granters," the organization will be able to grant three types of weddings. How quickly the services are granted, and how detailed the weddings are, depends upon the Wish Recipient's health condition.

"Many couples cannot afford to get married, due to overwhelming medical bills, particularly those who have been battling life threatening conditions, sometimes for many years," says Guthrie. "Often a person is too sick to even leave their hospital bed, or they may be in hospice care," explains Guthrie, "If their last wishes include marrying their partner who stood by them through their most difficult times, we want to help make that dream come true. What better way to celebrate love than with their closest friends and family, in one of life's most significant ceremonies?"


I am pleased to announce that I have offered my photography services to Wish Upon a Wedding for the Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter, should the need arise.

There are ways that YOU can get involved, too... visit their website to see the many different ways that you can help. From donating your time, money or even your skills, there are many different ways to show your support for such a wonderful cause. If nothing else, you can simply spread the word of this wonderful organization.