adriana + mario {wedding}

Adriana was waiting to get nervous. She just kept waiting for it to hit her.  But there were no nerves, and she was more than ready to marry her best friend, Mario. And as the entrances were made, and hands were clasped, you could tell that they were both ready to make this journey together.  The priest commented on how one should enter marriage not looking for a savior, but a partner and a friend… and Adriana and Mario knowingly looked to one another.  Theirs is a friendship that is stronger than ever, and a love that is meant to last.

Their story began long before, when Mario’s kindergarten teacher’s aid happened to be none other than Adriana’s mother.  Flash forward several years, and Adriana and Mario became high school sweethearts.  But there is a lot of change that occurs between high school and adulthood.  And so, there were times when these changes forced them from each other’s side, as each individual needed a chance to grow more fully into themselves.  Yet, something kept bringing them back to one another.  And, having had the time to grow more as individuals, they were able to come back together even stronger.

Now, they are ready to begin their lives together as husband and wife.








The reception was such a BLAST!  It was definitely a celebration, complete with emotional toasts, an amazing dj, and even a mariachi band.  The mood was upbeat and festive, and I often found myself swaying in time with the music as I shot my pictures.  When it was time for me to go, Adriana invited me to just put down the camera and come DANCE!  I was too tired to take her up on the offer, and so I reluctantly left for the evening… the sounds of the party continuing in the distance.







It was such an amazing day, and I am very honored to have been a part of it.

Vendors: ceremony:  St. Norbert Church reception:  Cerritos Senior Center catering:  Lascari's dj:  Elegance Elegancia DJ