the Wedding Pantry {grand opening}

I first met Eva Chiou when she was putting together the "Utterly Spankin' New Year Party," a mixer for Utterly Engaged (the wedding e-zine). We briefly met up at the local KFC so that I could hand off some promo cards of mine to put in the goodie bags for the party. Only having known her through her Twitter account, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But I really shouldn't have worried. Eva was so warm & friendly, and within 5 minutes I felt as if I had known her for 5 years. Besides being a big part of Utterly Engaged, Eva was still running Red Velvet Occasions at that time. I asked her where her studio was, and our conversation took a new direction. She said that her current lease was just about up, and that they were looking into different options. She mentioned the possibility in the near future of renting a location where other wedding vendors might be able to use the area, as well, and she asked if that was something that I might be interested in. Wow. Little did I know, her plans were already being set into motion. Since then, I've been following her tweets and reading her blog; and have been watching this idea progress from dream to reality in such a short time. And I am so very excited for her.

Introducing... the Wedding Pantry.

It's the first-of-its kind store... in one word: INSPIRATIONAL. Located in Old Town Tustin, it fits right into the artsy atmosphere. And yet, from the moment you enter the store you are aware that this is something different. The decor is modern and streamlined, and yet the feel of the place is totally inviting. One-of-a-kind accessories and wedding-related items are displayed on tables and shelves, showcasing each individual vendor. Magazines are stacked at the rear of the store for people to flip through for ideas. And there are smaller shelves which hold business cards of various local wedding vendors. Everything within the walls of this place has a personal feel to it, putting a name behind it all.

The back area of the Wedding Pantry houses the "offices" of Utterly Engaged, and through another door is a meeting room which can be rented by wedding vendors for use as a client meeting space. I will be one of those vendors, and will be making the Wedding Pantry my official meeting place. THIS is why I have been so excited for the development & opening of this place.

Today was the grand opening of the Wedding Pantry. Let me show you around...

The view from the outside...


Their fabulous window display. (and by the way, this dress is for SALE, if anyone is interested...)


Scenes of the interior.




Their magazine collection, which will grow exponentially. If you have magazines lying around, bring them by every 1st Tuesday of the month to receive $5 store credit with every 10 magazines you bring in.


Food for the day's celebrations was provided by Jay's Catering.


But the awesome cake was made by a friend!




Here is just a sampling of the items you'll find in the Wedding Pantry...





This is the room which will be used as the office of Utterly Engaged.



...and through this door lies the meeting room that you will be seeing soon (as a new client of mine)!


Please note that they are always looking for new talent and products to showcase in their store. Please contact Eva at the Wedding Pantry if you are interested. And I'll see you there SOON!