marc + beth {real.love.}

Most people have pictures taken of themselves at momentous occasions. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. But what about all the in-betweens? If you're lucky, someone at a party will happen to be carrying their point-and-shoot or iPhone, and you'll get some pictures of yourself posted up on a friend's Facebook wall. If you get extra-lucky, the pictures are okay. And if you're not-so-lucky, you beg your friend to remove them or "untag" yourself. Quickly. But again, what about having GOOD pictures to celebrate your life? And not just the milestones, but the OTHER important stuff. The in-between stuff. The journey that happens after that milestone birthday, after you collect your diploma, and after you've said "I DO." There's more to life than wearing the white gown for a day... so shouldn't you have the pictures to prove it? And to CELEBRATE that?


Beth & Marc were ready to celebrate. Just because. They've been married for over a year, and together for much longer. They have a great relationship, and it was nice to see it in action. The way they laughed together, held each other, and seemed to speak that special shorthand language that only two people in love can understand. It was fantastic to be allowed to witness, and be a part of capturing pieces of it in imagery.

And so, we played. Here are some favorites from the day:

When life gives you lemons... take GREAT pictures of them! First up, we played in a local park filled with rows & rows of lemon trees.

I had fun playing with a new lens for the day (LensBaby Composer).

Look at those EYES!!! Be-AU-ti-ful!!!

Change of location & clothing... ending in a local field just as the sun set.

*Note to self... do not EVER wear shorts to a shoot ever EVER again. The brush was dry and scratchy, but I wasn't willing to give up my shots. So, in I went. My legs got torn up pretty bad... but it was soooooo worth it.

I had asked if they wanted to incorporate any special memento into their photos. Beth brought Marc's dogtag to wear. Marc had given it to her when he was deployed overseas... as he asked her to be his girlfriend. How incredibly sweet is that?

Thanks, Marc & Beth, for allowing me to witness some of these moments of yours.