a pirate's life for me {wolfe's first birthday party}

Remember this little guy? It's hard to believe that he's already one year old. Wolfe's parents decided to throw him a pirate-themed party to celebrate. It was a LOT of fun for all involved. As he gets older, Wolfe probably won't actually remember this day, but at least he'll be able to look back at these images and see how much fun he really had... and see all the wonderful people that surrounded him with love!

Wolfe was super-mellow and uber-cuddly...

But when he was on the move... LOOK OUT! It was a group effort to keep watch over him, especially since he's at that stage where EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. (Note the blurred arms & legs as they're in motion to stop him. Yeah... that was what it was like all day, when following him around. And sometimes just a moment too late.)

Time for CAKE! It took him a while to get the hang of it...

But I think he LIKED it!

All in all, it was a fabulous day...

Bye-bye! See you NEXT year!

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