Jack & Georgina {beloved session}

I am SO incredibly excited to be able to finally share this here with you all. These are images of my first Beloved Session, and I couldn't have asked for any better muses to start with. {...just a quick reminder... Beloved Sessions are a new offering of mine. Think of a Beloved Session as an actual experience... with the pictures being the souvenir... They take my standard portrait sessions up a notch with more play, intimacy and even less posing. In fact, I am actually proud to say that I didn't pose even ONE of the images during this session; this was all authentically them.}

Georgina was the winner of my Beloved Session giveaway, and was so very excited. Jack, her husband, was there to support Georgina and give her the pictures she wanted. As he laughingly told me before we began, "I'm a prop. Put me wherever you'd like." I smiled and told him it would be a lot more interactive than that...

The session took place at one of my favorite locations in Irvine. We carved out a nook in the tall blossoms, and it felt like our own little flower cave. Other people occasionally passed us by (including hikers, as well as other photographers), but it didn't matter... it felt like we were in our own little world, especially with the music blaring from my portable speakers (set to a new Pandora station tuned to "the Replacements"). Everyone and everything else melted into the background as we began to play.

Jack and Georgina  started and finished their session in a similar way, by looking at pictures and tokens from their life together... a framed picture of their first date together at Disneyland, an empty wine bottle from their wedding day, favorite records, photos of their two sons, and even a book they read to them before bed: Donde Viven los Monstrous. And start to finish, I was witness to something absolutely magical: two people reconnecting in a way that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I didn't hear the actual words spoken between them during the session, and sometimes no words were spoken at all... but I still heard their message to one another loud and clear: I love you.

Here are some of my favorite images from Jack and Georgina's Beloved Session:

And check out this slideshow to see even more images of their afternoon together: