the Bourland Family {Beloved family portrait session}

There's something so incredibly special about being embraced by an entire family... being drawn into the group so you are able to see them not as a stranger would, but through the eyes of a familiar friend or loved one. With all the pretenses and barriers lifted, it was easy to see the beauty that lives within each one, and the love that flows easily between them all. I love love LOVE family portrait sessions. I think there's something spectacular that happens between family members that is awesome to witness. And a Beloved session, where they can be themselves, was a perfect way to be able to capture it all. Upon learning that Nick and Anna had just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, I decided that I wanted to commemorate that by setting some time aside for just the two of them.

We started the session with Nick and Anna in a place that was very special to them both. Way back near the beginning of their relationship, this park had been their special haven. While there, sometimes they'd just sit and talk and other times they'd even sing. And then there were the times when no words were necessary at all. Because they were there together, and that was special enough.

I had asked them to exchange love letters to one another. Being the modern couple they are, they had written the letters via email and read them from their phones.

We moved the session to Nick's parents' backyard so we could play with the kiddos. And play, we did. Scarlet drew pictures of the garden while Aidan drew pictures of his new toy car for everyone... including ME! It was definitely fun to be around them, and I couldn't help but smile a LOT in their presence. From shy hugs and kisses to drawings proudly presented, the genuineness and joy pouring from each of the kids was simply breathtaking to behold at times.

It was soooooo sweet to see how kind they were to one another, and how the hugs flowed freely.

And, of course, it was fun to see their sense of humor, as well.

View the slideshows below to see more from their session:

The Family:

Nick & Anna: