Playing TOURIST at the Mission of San Juan Capistrano

My husband knows me pretty well, and he definitely knows how to make me smile. My 33rd birthday was this past weekend... and to celebrate, he surprised me with another chance to play "local tourist" with my camera. This time around, we headed to San Juan Capistrano and visited the mission. I was beside myself with joy, having never been to the mission ever before. (Tony got bonus points for remembering this.) We started with a quick walk around the train station area, where I showed him some of my favorite places to use for photo shoots. (And I handed over the camera for a moment or two.)

After our brief stroll we headed across the street to the mission. Go figure. I've been to the area several times for photo shoots and each time I've always thought to myself... "one of these days I'll come back and visit the mission." I'm not a particularly religious person, but I love the sense of history that surrounds this place. And once I stepped inside its walls, it was just like stepping back in time.

Tony got used to the excited gasp I made about every 4 feet as I found something new to look at. (I have NO poker face, whatsoever.) There was such a sense of beauty in the crumbling brick walls and worn wood, and I was completely awestruck as I stepped into the still-functioning church. I quickly fell in love with everything about this place, and can't wait to return.

Here is a peek at my journey... through the lens:

You can learn more about the Mission San Juan Capistrano by clicking here to visit their website.


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