business casual: Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code

The face of business in changing. While it's still important to have a strong logo & brand, it's nothing you can really hide behind anymore. Business is rapidly shifting back to the personal level.  Boutique businesses are back on top, where an actual relationship between the business and the clients is coveted and celebrated. Even from a distance, personal connection is key. You only have to log onto Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to see the truth in that. So if you're in business for yourself, it's increasingly important to have a good picture to showcase the person behind the business. Yes, you can still use a classic headshot. But as the desire for personal connection grows, why not show off a bit more of your personality?

Introducing: my new "business casual" sessions.

Perfect for the entrepreneur, it's a chance to get some creative photos of yourself in your favorite space. Showing off who you are and what you do, these photos are a fantastic way to let people get a glimpse of who you really are... and an easy way to update your online presence and print materials.

Want to learn more? Check out this session with Nicole Longstreath, of The Wardrobe Code.

In her own words:

I'm Nicole Longstreath and I am a wardrobe coach in Costa Mesa. I challenged myself to shop only at Goodwill stores and, in the process, learned how to build expressive wardrobes on a budget. My business is all about teaching clients to use clothing as a tool to transform their lives. I love my new pictures because they look fantastic, but I really loved the photo session because Michelle was able to coax me out of my shell to reveal my true personality.

Nicole runs a "thrifted wardrobe" feature on her blog, and was in need of some updated pictures to show off the newest outfits. And so, we played. Check out a few samples below, or head on over to her site to see even more. Nicole is absolutely fabulous, and has a fantastic eye for fashion. It's truly a gift. And her passion for fashion is addicting! (p.s.: most of the items featured below were thrifted!)

The Wardrobe CodeThe Wardrobe CodeThe Wardrobe CodeThe Wardrobe Code

Business Casual Portrait Session with Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code

The Wardrobe Code

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