business casual: local artist Timree Gold

If you're a business professional in any way... whether you are an author, speaker, beautician, artist, blogger, leader, creator, etc., etc., etc., you know how important it is for you to have a strong visual presence. Logos are great, but branding goes way beyond that. And gone are the days where you can get by with the single standard headshot of you staring serenely into the camera. As social media continues to explode, people are drawn to the more personal side of things... where personality and personal relations score BIG. So it definitely helps to have a few photos (beyond the standard headshot) to showcase exactly who you are! Allow me to introduce my latest "business casual" client... local artist Timree Gold!

I was immediately drawn to Timree's smile and personality. She just radiates JOY. And anyone who's ever been to her place can agree that it is the absolutely cutest art studio ever!

We met up at her studio for a couple of hours of fun together. Armed with pumpkin lattes and a radio blasting the latest tunes (to get us in the right mood), we were set. Snap, snap, snap. And along the way, Timree started to sparkle. (Sometimes, quite literally...)


Wasn't I right? Isn't this the CUTEST art studio you've ever seen???!!!


And check out her creative space. This is where the magic happens.


Showing off some of her adorable packaging.


And this. THIS made me happy.


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