I'm still coming off the high that good food, family and fabulous weather all combine to create. I just can't stop smiling. Smiling is my favorite. (Bonus points to those that recognize that last movie quote.) While I'm still cheery, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank my lucky stars for all the happy moments this past weekend brought on.

I am thankful for:

warm, sunny days in November at the beach. digging my toes in the sand. pumpkin cookies and hot coffee. with whipped cream. relaxing at a table in the mall. listening to live musicians playing carols. lying on the couch... for hours. reading, reading, reading. and then reading some more, just because I CAN. playing board games. and realizing my nieces are old enough to challenge me. taking the dog to my favorite park. losing myself in rows and rows of citrus trees. finding a fabulous station on Pandora. singing out loud. lots and lots (and lots) of wonderful food. not having to do dishes afterward. spending time with my family. holding some wonderful conversations. playing with my brand-new camera. oohing and aahing over new ways to push myself in my craft. relaxing and enjoying my days. and making lots of new memories.