the Lewis Family (Orange County Family Portraits)

The Orange Circle is a fabulous place for photos. With all the amazing textured walls and doorways, you could walk around the area and stop every 5 feet to take picture after picture. But I love it even more when the backgrounds cease to matter, and the photos become more about the PEOPLE in the pictures. Meet Pia, Brandon and little Branson. Pia and Brandon met one another while attending Chapman University right down the street. So the Orange Circle is a bit of a favorite spot for them. (And I LOVE when people celebrate their favorites!) We met, we wandered, we played! And little Branson was so enamored with all the sights and sounds, and it looks like this area will quickly become a favorite place of his, as well.

Here are a few images from the afternoon that made me smile:

TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits09TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits07TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits08TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits06TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits04TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits05TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits03TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits02TheSuitcaseStudio-FamilyPortraits01Click here to see even more from their session.


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