ChristmasTreeBokehI can't believe it's December. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. And I can't believe the year is almost over. deep breaths... inhale, exhale, repeat.

I still have client projects to finish. I still have to clean the house. I still have to go shopping for gifts. And I still have to finish decorating my Christmas tree!!!

There are so many things on my daily to-do list, and each time I spare even a glance at my monthly calendar, it makes me want to swoon.

breathe. just breathe.

And remember...

Yes, I've got some shopping to do... but that's just because I've got fabulous friends and family that I want to find the perfect gift for.

I want to clean and decorate my house so that I can welcome those friends and family into my happy place and show them the utmost care, comfort and joy.

And the client projects I am working on still make me smile every step of the way... and it's important to me to make them a priority so that they can share their images with their families and make them smile, as well.

And remember...

That amidst all this hustle and bustle of the season are some really wonderful moments... whether planned or not.

And that even though my life is a blur of activity right now, it's still pretty wonderful.

I just need to stop and remember that every once in a while.

(And for those of you who are wondering... yes, that is an image of my own Christmas tree. Still no ornaments yet, but at least I strung the lights.)


Sorry, folks... I'm not holding any more photo sessions in 2011. But book your 2012 session with me before the end of 2011, and you'll get this year's fantastic rates! And because I'm feeling uber-generous, you'll also get a bonus 10"x20" storyboard print! Just contact me at michelle@thesuitcasestudio.com to let me know you're ready to save your date.