Disney Ditch Day

Now that the holiday season is winding down, I'm finally getting a chance to post this. Because for a while there, things were really hectic. I mean, super-duper can't-catch-my-breath hectic. And when I felt my head was at its swirliest,  I decided it was the perfect time to stop it all and give myself a "time-out."

And so, a few weeks ago when it all came to a head, one of my best friends and I partook in our second annual "Disney Ditch Day." A day to say goodbye to our troubles in the outside world... to enter the world of magic & make-believe of Disneyland... and just let ourselves relax and PLAY!

And even though we both have annual passes, we challenged ourselves to enjoy the park like a true tourist would... seeing things as brand-new. We even managed to find a few new items we'd never taken the time to notice before!

Here are a few favorite photos from the day (as captured with my iPhone):

The day's highlights:

  • watching reindeer play
  • spelunking in new areas of the caves on Pirate's Island
  • discovering that the Hungry Bear served sweet potato fries... mmmmmm...
  • finally answering the age-old question... where do the seeing-eye dogs do their "business?"
  • looking UP and seeing new spires on the buildings we'd never noticed before
  • riding a train that neither of us had ridden in YEARS
  • riding the carousel (since neither of us usually took the time to do this)
  • being sitting on a covered patio just as it started to rain... sipping on eggnog lattes and eating gingerbread beignets (with eggnog dipping sauce), feeling warm and cozy and watching others scurry past

And my favorite moment of the day:  witnessing a proposal. Yes, a staged proposal inside Disneyland. It was pretty awesome. Off to the side for a bit of privacy, surrounded by family and friends (each holding a rose), and further back a crowd gathered all around. He got down on one knee as he asked. And they had hired a photographer to capture it all. How perfect is that?!


Preparing for a proposal or another happy occasion? I can be there to capture it all in imagery, so you never forget the moment. Just contact me and we'll set something up: michelle@thesuitcasestudio.com