last-minute holiday gifts using your digitial images

Move over, Madonna. It's no longer a material world... we are living in a DIGITAL world now. From point-and-shoot cameras to the iphone, we are drowning in digital images that never see light of day outside of a brief stint on Facebook. I'm sure you've all got some fab-U-lous images just sitting there on your computer, taking up space and just begging to be set free. And what better time than NOW to let them loose? The holidays are upon us, and 'tis the season to find the ultimate gift for your loved ones. And trust me, when I say that parents and grandparents (and even aunts and uncles) go ga-ga for personal photo gifts!

Here are a few fabulous ideas for photo gifts!

prints from mpix.com

PRINTS from MPIX. (www.mpix.com)

Ah, yes... the old standby. Print a good photo, slap a frame on it and give it to a loved on. This is a classic gift for a reason: it's awesome! But, if you're going to be showing off your images, you should do it in the best way possible. Skip the printing by Costco, Target or Snapfish, and head to MPix.com instead. The prices are about the same, and the print quality is ah-maz-ing! MPix is the sister lab to the lab I actually use for my business... and while my lab isn't open to the public, YOU have access to MPix. So why not take advantage of great quality at low prices?

BOOKS from BLURB. (www.blurb.com)

Another favorite gift is a photo book. Whether it's a book showcasing the year, special trip or just a favorite moment or two, photo books are nice because they can share the entire story in a small space. I know there are a lot of places where you can create books, but a favorite place of mine is Blurb.com.  You'll find bookstore quality books in a range of sizes and styles, all at a fantastic price. And making books here is a cinch! Choose a template, drag and drop your photos, add a border or some text and ta-da! DONE! Easy-peasy.

And Blurb offers a few special options that are definitely worth looking into:

out-of-the-box ideas from ZAZZLE. (www.zazzle.com)

You can make a mousepad. You can make a Christmas ornament. You can even create a custom mug or a t-shirt. These are all fabulous ideas, and you can find them in a variety of different places online, inlcuding Zazzle.com. I am mentioning them because they have all of this and so much more, including some different offerings that you won't really find anywhere else.

Speakers. Yup, speakers. Customize the front with an image, then plug and play.

3-Ring Binders. Great for customizing school supplies, but also a fabulous way to customize a personal photo album, scrapbook or even a cookbook, too.

iPad, iPhone and other SmartPhone Cases. Such a simple but effective way to show off the latest pictures of the kids or grandkids.

Necklaces. Again, such a simple (but wonderful) way to carry around a favorite picture of a loved one.

Neckties. For the fun and funky guy in your life. Suit up! (Barney Stinsen would be proud...)

Skateboards. Available in a few different shapes and sizes, what a fabulous way to customize your ride. Love the concept but don't need a new board? Create one anyway and use it in your home as a shelf. Ta-da! Fun and functional!

Shoes. Yes, you can even customize a pair of SHOES! This is my favorite funky way to show off your stuff, and I can't wait to get a pair of these for myself! I'm thinking a little black pair with my logo in white as a repeated pattern... what do you think?


I'd LOVE to see some of your OWN favorite holiday photo creations. Feel free to share them with me here in the comments section, or hit me up on my Facebook page!