2012 is gonna ROCK. I've got so many new things planned, and I am hitting the ground running. I've got backup, too... my own personal cheer squad is standing by to make sure that my big ideas actually HAPPEN this year. Picture this commercial, but they're all shouting "CHEL" and that's MY mascot doing the "worm."  Ahhhh, yeahhhh... I'm working out some final details, and will let you know as soon as things are ready to launch... but here's some of the FUN-ness you can expect SOON:

* brand new, pretty and easy-to-maneuver website & blog, all in one!

* brand new client image galleries and shopping carts... much more  user-friendly and with BIG images to view

* super-cool "studio look-book" filled with LOTS of detailed info and images... including session details, how to prepare, FAQs, suggested photo displays, and details & pictures of each of my product offerings. Like a magazine and catalog rolled into one, and waaaay more fun than a simple pricing sheet.

AND, perhaps my FAVORITE new item...

* I'll be offering an all-new DIGITAL package. This will include a DVD of ALL images from your session (high-resolution digital images for printing AS WELL AS low-resolution digital images for posting & sharing online), a fun slideshow video set to music, and even a DIGITAL ALBUM (.pdf format) ready to show off & share using your favorite electronic devices! (It's kinda cool, if I do say so myself...)

So yeah, 2012 is gonna be epic. Or, as Barney Stinson (of How I Met Your Mother) would say... this year is gonna be LEGEND-(wait for it)-ARY. Legendary, people!

Who's with me?! Let's PLAY!!!


And don't forget... book a portrait session with me before January 31st and receive a custom accordion calendar personalized with your images.