jasper + the dragon

Just another one of those wacky moments in my daily life that I thought I'd take note of before it disappears.


Every night, it's the same thing... Jasper will dig through the toybox, drag out everything he can, and spread it across the floor. If he does this while I'm working at the computer, I usually find myself circled by a ring of toys... making me feel like a giant in the village of "squeak-town."


But no matter HOW many toys that accumulate (thanks to my mom & friends for spoiling my fur-baby)... there is ONE toy in particular that will always be his favorite.

His blue dragon. 

This toy has been loved to pieces. Quite literally. (I'm incredibly thankful that it's machine-washable... ick.)

And there is a specific routine that Jasper has with his blue dragon, too. It's quite intriguing. Makes me wish I spoke the language so I knew exactly what was going on in that doggy-brain of his.


Step 1: Grab the dragon and drag it over to a participant in his game. (If that person is not a willing participant, place dragon on their foot repeatedly until they get the message.)

Step 2: As soon as person grabs dragon to toss it, play tug-of-war with it instead. If person lets go too soon, shove the dragon back in their hands.

Step 3: Play fetch with dragon a few times.

Step 4: Shake dragon in mouth as hard as possible, bending and twisting in incredibly stretchy ways.

Step 5: ...CENSORED... (And yes, Jasper is neutered.)

Step 6: With mouth clamped firmly over the dragon's head, bob doggy head up and down while kneading dragon body with puppy paws.

Step 7: Take a break to lick the dragon's face.

Step 8: Fall asleep with dragon's head in mouth.

It's actually the cutest, strangest, and funniest thing I get to see every single day. (And if someone could please tell me what the heck this ritual means, I would greatly appreciate it.)


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