my first valentine

My dad has never really been the kind of man to express his emotions... at least not out loud through so many words. But I've never had any doubt of his love. He was always behind the video camera at every school performance. He was the one to come up with crafts for us to create together at the kitchen table. He encouraged us to follow our dreams and cheered us on every step of the way. And then there was his writing. Every day (even throughout high school) he would pack my lunch and include a napkin on which he'd written a note to me. There was nothing too spectacular about the words themselves... just to wish me a good day, let me know he was thinking of me, or wish me luck on my big test. But his words of encouragement, love and support were always something I could count on.

And his notes continue, even to this day.

Even though I'm a grown woman now, he still makes sure to deliver a Valentine gift to me, complete with the sentimental Valentine's Day card. Sometimes the words are his, and sometimes he simply signs his name when he finds the card which already has the perfect words. But either way, he always signs his name with love.