Rachel Hulan - Business Casual Portrait Session

  Introducing Rachel Hulan of Hulan Design

Rachel is friendly, funny, very knowledgeable and way, WAY creative. She is totally UN-boring and loves putting her creativity to good use in order to find clever and unique solutions. And by focusing on incorporating sustainable design into what she does, she's definitely created a niche for herself. Her resume speaks volumes (and you can read more about her here). But how do you get all of this information across to someone when they only have a few seconds to make up their mind? Why, with the addition of a few great photos, of course!

Rachel had recently re-branded her business and was about to launch the new website. What better time to start fresh with some new photos that go beyond the boring headshot? Enter the business casual portrait session. So much more than standard headshots, this portrait session is designed to tap into the person behind the business.

Details on Rachel's session: though she travels all over the country for her business, home is where the heart is... as evidenced by the amazingly gorgeous home office she set up for herself. We started our shoot in there in order to showcase her space. While Rachel is quite modern and just the right amount of funky, there's definitely a sense of history to her style, and she's drawn to pieces with a story behind them... blending the old & the new in a fabulous kind of way.

The Suitcase Studio - Business Casual - Rachel Hulan 01

Rachel also has a beautiful inspiration board set up which she is constantly adding to. So of course we wanted to capture just a glimpse of it. And check out that DESK of hers! It's actually one of her favorite pieces and has been with her for a very long time. And the details... we just had to include one of her favorite pieces in the photos since it is pretty much a staple in her office... a simple white mug from The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

The Suitcase Studio - Business Casual - Rachel Hulan 02

We decided to race the sunset and finish up our photo session in Laguna Beach. Just because we COULD. Ha! No, really... the beach is such a  beautiful place, and what better way to show off some of the Southern California scenery, right?

The Suitcase Studio - Business Casual - Rachel Hulan 03

Now that you've been properly introduced, feel free to stop on by Rachel's site and say hello.


Ready to PLAY along? There’s still time to book a MINI-SESSION for yourself, taking place this Saturday.