superhero for a day

When I was a kid, it was all about the underoos. Because when I wore them, I wasn't just playing in my underwear... I was a SUPERHERO. (And yes... this really IS me, age 6.)

When I was wearing my underoos, I was strong. I was powerful. I was invincible. And best of all (for me, anyway), I wasn't my SHY self. I was BRAVE, and could express myself and be who I really wanted to be.

But somewhere along the way, we're told that we're supposed to put these childish things away and "grow up." The superheroes we like to emulate and the toys that make us happy are packed away or put up on the shelf where they collect dust. I clung to my childhood for as long as I could, and when I got a bit older, I even decided to reclaim it. Because there were things about it that just made me happy. As a result, I now have a large collection of My Little Ponies, a few coloring books that I still break out on rainy days, and even a fabulous life-like Iron Man/Tony Stark collectible (which was an awesome gift from my husband). And I am still very much in love with the cartoon & superhero world.

And what better place to embrace your inner-superhero than at the pop-culture phenomenon known as Comic-Con... a 4-day celebration of all things "geek chic" held annually San Diego? This will be my very first year attending the event, and I am SO amazingly excited to finally get the chance to go.  (squeal!) Thanks to a friend's quick thinking, my husband and I were both lucky enough to snag 4-day passes before they sold out a few weeks ago... even though the event doesn't even take place till July!

JULY?! That's a long time to have to wait to play...

So when I found out that the company in charge of Comic-Con was bringing "WonderCon" to the nearby Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, I just HAD to go. A smaller, bite-size version of Comic-Con, it was a great way to get my feet wet in the whole experience. My eyes were boggling and my camera was snapping... everywhere I looked there were people in costume around me. I didn't always recognize the characters I saw, but my husband tried to fill in the blanks as much as possible. Most of the costumes were absolutely amazing... The time and care that people put into their costumes was phenomenal... it was like viewing living art.

And everywhere I turned, I was surrounded by "my" people... people who still embrace the joy of it all. And with the happiness that bubbled up from being there, I felt free. I could have twirled with happiness. I think I might have even jumped up and down from joy a few times. I felt like I was 6 years old again... brave and carefree and ME... just like when I was in my underoos. Being there, surrounded by all these people, I truly WAS Wonder Woman once more.


On the left... my husband, giddy because we're about to enter the convention. And on the right... me with my, um, other man?

Iron Man:

Bumblebee. And look closely at the image on the right... he even had a bumblebee car air freshener hanging on his back! Now that is attention to detail.

Joker and HarleyQuinn, and the Martian Manhunter:

Character from Halo (I believe); and a Storm Trooper with Anikin Skywalker:

The view of the crowd as we entered into the actual convention area:

Players in the Star Wars Universe. The person in the Chewbacca costume had actually put in a soundchip so he could sound like Chewbacca, too... it was pretty incredible.

These faux pumpkins were carved by artist Alex Wer and were pretty incredible.

Captain EO with Zatanna; Hawk Man and Hawk Girl:

Dr. Who... old and new:

Batman and Batgirl; Wonder Woman:

Captain America; Supergirl:

Spiderman scoping out the ladies:

Character from World of Warcraft (I believe), with Captain Hammer peeking out from behind; Nightcrawler and Rogue:

A Ghostbuster with Catwoman; the Riddler with another Catwoman:

And a few fun pop-culture references... Angry Birds on the left; and on the right, a scene from Big Bang Theory!


So when it comes time for Comic-Con this July, you'd better BELIEVE that my superhero-self will be coming out to PLAY. Now I just have to figure out a costume that will accommodate the camera. (I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has one!)