love and (paint) war: timree + matt

Matt & Timree are both artists. He's into the darker monsters that haunt the pages of comic books. She's into anything pink and glittery. They've dubbed themselves "Spooky and Sparkle." If you've ever met Timree, you know how much she sparkles. But see her in the presence of Matt, and you'll see how she can SHINE!  She looks up at him with total adoration, and he returns the silly grin. The two of them together are simply fabulous

Matt + Timree are one of those couples that makes me smile just by being in their presence. Both upbeat and fun people, it's easy to see how it was that they fell in love with one another.  

And in the 2.5+ years of being together, they have developed their own language of sorts... finishing each others' sentences, sharing inside jokes, and sometimes conveying words with just a glance. There's a flow about the two of them where they just FIT together. Like a dance. And, at times, like a well-rehearsed comedy routine. Always entertaining, and totally in love. 

I'm thrilled that they allowed me a peek into that world of theirs... 


I LOVE when personal elements, such as the location, are incorporated into a portrait session. We started the session in the backyard of Timree's parents... which is where the wedding will also take place.  Don't you LOVE this? And the backyard had sooooo many cool nooks and crannies, I could have easily stayed and played there all day.

Next it was a short trip to the nearby Newport Back Bay area. Glamazon Timree was a vision in gold, and Matt got the chance to strut his stuff. Their future's so bright, they both had to wear shades.

Back at the house... just another nod to the differences in personality. Ha!

We ended their session with something a bit different.  Because what's the fun of being an artist if you can't play with color

1, 2, 3, 4... I declare a PAINT WAR!

Let the games begin...

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