vintage visions

My Saturday morning started with a text from the lovely Heather (better known as Cheeky Woman):

"Sorry it's so early, but if you are up get over here. My neighbor is selling a whole bunch of old cameras that work."

And with that, I was up and on my way.

I spent almost an hour crouched in the neighbor's driveway, cradling each camera in my hand... Buttons, triggers, wind-ups... they were all so beautiful, each one heavy and full of history.

I soon had a growing pile of select pieces I was considering taking home with me, and I guarded that pile like a mama bear. Not wanting to spend a fortune and knowing that each camera was being sold for $15 (which is really a fantastic price), I told myself that I could only adopt THREE. But which ones? Yes, no, yes, no, yes? I must have picked up and put down the same 20 cameras over and over, trying to make a decision I could be entirely happy with.

So my heart melted when the seller told me that I could fill a box up with as many as it would hold, and take the entire box-full for $50 total.

Really? Honest and true? (happy tears.)

Since he was parting with part of his beloved collection (he was still keeping the best ones for himself), the seller loved knowing that these cameras would find a new home with someone who would appreciate them.

Welcome, my lovelies.

You are home.