A New Kind of Family Portrait

The Barone family decided that they wanted something just a bit different than their traditional "sit on the rocks at the beach in matching clothes and smile at the camera" family portrait. And so they came to me, ready for something new. Ready to PLAY. Shelby and Steve were still a bit nervous... as all parents are in new circumstances when they're not quite sure just how the kids will respond. But once we got started, they breathed a deep sigh of relief and were able to really relax and enjoy themselves for the afternoon.

Because we let go of the "rules" of traditional portraits. You know... sit, smile, look here, scoot closer, place your hand here, tilt your head, hold that, do it again, etc. Bleh. That doesn't sound like much fun, and if I was a kid I'd certainly get restless in a portrait session like that, too.

Instead of capturing families in a "perfect pose," I celebrate their personalities. Their interactions, bonds, and everything special about each member of the family as individuals, too. I let each person be themselves, and am there to capture it along the way.

How? By making it interactive. We have conversations. We play games. Which leads to LOTS of natural smiles and laughter.

I focus on capturing what I call the "in-betweens." It's what happens when the person is able to forget about my camera and simply reacts to what's happening. They radiate joy and their personality just SHINES. And all the things that make that person unique come shining through... the way they wrinkle their nose or tilt their head or smile widely... the way they REALLY are when nobody is watching.

THAT's what I strive to capture. Pictures of the people you know and love... cute quirks and all.

Because seeing someone as their true self is to see how beautiful they really are.

Click here to read Shelby's review of her portrait experience with me. TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0001.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0002.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0003.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0004.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0005.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0006.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0007.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyFamilyPortraits-Barone_0008.jpg

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