Choose JOY: the EVENT

Adoption isn't anything like you see on most squeaky-clean tv shows, where someone decides to adopt... and BAM... they've got a kid.  Adoption is a long process. It's complicated. And it's incredibly emotional for everyone involved, from start to finish... and beyond. For anyone who is considering adopting a child, there is an event happening this Saturday, February 9th which you may want to attend.

Full details can be found at www.ChooseJoyEvent.com

Created by Emmy Blakely (after her own experiences with infertility and adoption), this faith-based conference is geared towards women who are experiencing infertility and/or looking to build their family through adoption. There will be a luncheon and several breakaway session topics discussed, including the following:

Blending Bios and Adopted children & Transracial Adoption {Jamie Fink} Having a Heart of Hope: Overcoming the Hurt from Infertility {Lesli Westfall} God's Heart for the Hurting; Waiting Hurts, Waiting Perfects {Rachel Goode} Fundraising for Adoption {Kathleen Ellis} Infant Loss & Miscarriage {Julie Carson} When Adoption is your First Choice {Chrissie Rouse} Foster Care {Allison Dalke} Living Hannah's Prayer {Amy Srch} Living in 2 Week Seasons; Waiting in the Lord's Timing {Beth Lauder} When Adoption Fails {Dena De La Toree & Lisa Frattone} Open Adoption {Lesily Davis} Special Needs Adoption {Lyndsay Boulton} The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of International Adoption {Vanessa Clairmont} The Ethics of Infertility {Scott & Marlo Kurz}

Emmy will be sharing her own story at the end of the event. And the grand finale for the night: funds will be raffled off to one lucky attendee to help their family grow!

I will actually have an info table on-site, helping spread the word of Red Thread Sessions (complimentary portrait sessions offered to newly adoptive families).  If you attend the event, please be sure to come say hello!

For more information about the Choose Joy Event, or to purchase tickets, visit their website at: www.choosejoyevent.com