Ethan turns ONE // Orange County Family Photography

It seems like just yesterday that he was brand new. And now he's a little boy. There are likes and dislikes, movements and gestures all his own. His personality has grown SO much... and his dimpled smile can instantly melt your heart. I was happy to capture an afternoon with this family to commemorate this milestone of Ethan turning one year old. And more than happy to celebrate a few of their everyday moments so they would be able to remember all the little details of their little man at this precious age. TheSuitcaseStudio_0093.jpg

Ethan had recently started walking, and was still a bit wobbly. But that didn't slow him down one bit, as he is also QUITE the explorer. TheSuitcaseStudio_0094.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0095.jpg

In one hand, Ethan held his bottle. With his other, he reached up and played with his hair. Over and over he'd grab a piece and gently pull it through his fingers. I learned that his father makes the same exact self-soothing motion. TheSuitcaseStudio_0096.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0097.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0098.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0099.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0100.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio_0101.jpg