simple beauty // stylized children's portraits

I wanted to share a bit more from my the Sweetlight Collective workshop I attended recently. Not only did I fall in LOVE with this style of photography, but I also learned a whole lot and would love to share a simple tip with you now: The stylized session doesn't have to be complicated. Simplicity is beautiful, too.

Take this setup, for instance: a bike, wooden fence, banner and some fresh flowers. TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective-Bike  002.jpg

And, of course, a child with a beautiful smile. (And a really cool headpiece by Love Crush Bowtique.) TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  013.jpg

Sometimes it's the simple things that take my breath away. Take away the props... the banners, the bike, and even the beautiful green surroundings. And there's still something there... beautiful, soulful, wistful.

I had just finished editing these two images (below) when I was overcome by emotion. I immediately stopped to soak it all in, and then wrote down these following words before the feeling had passed:

"Currently editing photos from last week's workshop, and I keep tearing up. It's an amazing feeling to see what I envisioned in my mind come to life in imagery before me. And to KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that THIS is how I should be spending my time..." TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  016.jpg

My heart feels so amazingly FULL right now.

Such a simple thing to make me feel this way, and yet, so beautiful.