and baby makes 3

They couldn't stop staring at his tiny, pointed ears... and both of them were in LOVE with that little detail. He said that baby Chase had to be part werewolf, while she swore that she'd given birth to a fairy. But either way, werewolf or fairy, baby Chase was definitely magical in his own way... having already captured the hearts of both of his parents.

Matt + Timree, I am so amazingly happy for the both of you as you start this new adventure in parenthood... and I can't wait to help capture the many memories as they unfold.

psssst..... a really cool factoid: Matt's father used to play for the Red Sox!

Snuggling in bed together... their own little oasis... marveling over the wee one in their arms, and reveling in the fact that they were parents.

It's amazing how wonderfully unique someone so tiny can already be. I was told that Chase actually prefers to sleep THIS way... with both arms stretched up above his head.

If you've ever been to Timree's studio, I'm sure you recognize this paint-splattered shirt as one of her trademark pieces.

And of course we had to welcome the newest mini-fan in style.

Welcome to the world, wee one. Let the adventure begin!