THANKFUL // short stories

Why should models have all the fun? Ever wanted to play in some of those scenes you've seen on Pinterest or in your favorite magazine? You know... the ones of the dreamy, creamy shots of the perfectly put-together people in the most creative places? The ones you instantly add to your "must do this someday" board that grows ever-longer by the hour? (But resign yourself to only staring at as your time and budget dwindle?)

Worry no more, my creative peeps. This dream-land CAN be your reality.

Enter: SHORT STORIES (styled mini-sessions).

Each month I'm offering a new scenario, complete with props and accessories to make it all your own.

because pretty pictures + personality = awesomesauce.


This month, it's all about being THANKFUL.

Sessions are taking place on two dates only (click each date for full info/sign-up):

Sunday, October 20

Saturday, October 26

Perfect for solos, siblings and the family. (And would make a GREAT alternate to the more traditional red-and-green themed holiday card this year... hint, hint.)

With minimal posing, this is more of an EXPERIENCE, full of conversations that center around giving THANKS and showing LOVE. It's a bit difficult to explain, so instead, let me SHOW you just a snippet of what you can expect.


I borrowed 2 nieces and a nephew last weekend to take a few sample THANKFUL shots to show you what it's all about.

And let me tell you... these might be beautiful kids (and I know I'm a bit partial since they're family), but they are NOT models. There was the usual sibling teasing, horsing around, shyness and silly faces whenever the camera swung their way. And that's totally normal, and totally expected. Because it's all about the in-between moments. The ones they don't even know I'm aware of. The moments where they lovingly hug a sibling for no reason, or smile at them in their own private way, or spin in a circle because they feel like it, or lose themselves in their own little world of play. The moments where the conversation turns serious, they say something lovely and totally unexpected, and it's something that imprints on your heart forever.

THOSE are the moments I capture for you.  Those are the moments we are all thankful for.

I love visual storytelling. And in keeping with the more editorial-style of these "short story" sessions, images from each session will be made available as its own unique printed magazine. Because in this digital world of ours, there's still magic in holding onto something tangible and being able to turn the pages. A print magazine sample will be present at the sessions, but click here to view the digital version  (ironic, I know).


Click on each date below for more info and to sign up for a THANKFUL mini-session of your own:

Sunday, October 20

Saturday, October 26

Hope to see you there! Can't wait to PLAY!