little girl, don't grow too fast

This girl was SUCH an amazing little model. Such a professional at such a young age, and has already been seen in several magazines and has worked with many large labels. She knows her angles, takes direction incredibly well, and is a DREAM to work with. And then the cameras went down... and the perfect little model disappeared and the little girl she really was came out to play. Twirling in her outfit, crouching to play with some grass, and keeping me thoroughly entertained with a song and dance about a HAMBURGER. Yes, for real. We wandered across the field together; she was skipping and being a chatterbox the entire way. And I loved it. Smiling big, I asked her to teach me the hamburger song (which I never learned correctly), but at least she thought my attempt to dance was entertaining.

Still giggling, she looked up at me and said, "I like you. You're FUN."

And then she continued to happily skip across the field.

TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyChildrenPhotographer-6.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyChildrenPhotographer-5.jpg

Stopping to crouch in the grass and then twirl a bit in the sunshine... just for the fun of it. TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyChildrenPhotographer-1.jpg

Singing and dancing to the "hamburger song." TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyChildrenPhotographer-4.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-OrangeCountyChildrenPhotographer-9.jpg

I hope she can stay a little girl for a little while longer.  Long live the spirit of childhood, and long live PLAY. Forever and ever.