How to: take SPLASH pictures

Photography has long been used as a way to freeze a moment of time. And now you can take that to the next level, with incredibly awesome SPLASH photos.

I recently challenged myself to capture some pictures of cookies splashing into milk as updated marketing photos for The No Bake Cookie Co.

And I was so thrilled with the outcome, that I wanted to share how I got those splash photos with you all! (Because some things are just better when they're shared...) So, ENJOY!

learn how to take milk splash photos by The Suitcase Studio // marketing photo taken in Bend, Oregon for No Bake Cookie Co

How to capture SPLASH photos

1.   ITEMS NEEDED: A mug or glass, milk or another liquid (coffee might be pretty awesome here, too), something to drop into the liquid for the big splash (I used a No-Bake Cookie), a table or ledge to set the mug/glass on, a backdrop of some kind (I used black cloth), a tripod for your camera, and a fast lens (able to open to an aperture of 2.8, 2.0, etc.)

2.   SETUP: I set up a folding in the shade (for indirect sunlight). I set an empty cardboard box on the table for some background height, then draped the black cloth over the box and the table. Ta-Da... instant mini-studio! The camera was placed on the tripod at the edge of the table (to avoid the splash zone), and tilted downward just a bit for my desired angle.

3.   CAMERA SETTINGS: I used my 50 mm lens for this one. My aperture was set to f/2, ISO 400, and a shutter speed of 1/3200. I set my camera to BURST mode, so I could hold the shutter button down, rapid-fire style, and capture LOTS of images in a short amount of time (because you never know WHEN the best splash will happen)!

4.   DO THE THING: The mug was set on the table and I framed my shot. It helped to fill the mug up all the way to the TOP with milk, to create a much better splash. It's also easiest to do this with an assistant, so you're not reaching awkwardly to drop the cookie and snap the pics at the same time. I had my helper hold her finger near the "drop zone," so my camera had something to focus on, using auto-focus. I then switched the lens to manual focus, so my camera wouldn't get confused and try to focus on anything else. NOTE: Once you've set your focus, don't move the mug , camera, or tripod!

5. DROP AWAY! Take pics. Play. Change the angle and framing from vertical to horizontal (and reset focus), till you get what you like. And don't forget to have FUN!

how to take milk splash photos - by The Suitcase Studio - marketing photos for No Bake Cookie Co in Bend, Oregon

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