Learn to use your DSLR Camera with this FREE 5-Day SHORTCUT Camera Course

Learn to use your DSLR Camera with this FREE 5-Day SHORTCUT Camera Course

Hi there... I'm Michelle.

I've been running The Suitcase Studio for almost TEN YEARS now (offering FUN lifestyle photo experiences to the adventurous, authentic + AWESOME). But it definitely has NOT been an easy path, especially at the beginning.  


I've always been an observer of people and a collector of stories. I've actually had a camera in my hand since age 9, following in my dad's footsteps to document our everyday lives. But it was all just for fun.

Taking pictures continued to be a hobby of mine as I grew up, got my degree in Psychology, and went on to work in children's group homes and art camps. (Pssst... I STILL use my psychology training and insight on each + every photo shoot as I calm the nerves of parents, maneuver kids out of meltdown mode, and help everyone connect in the most genuine of ways.)


But the funny thing was... I realized that the camera HAD always been there all along, in my hand, every step of the way. And I found my true calling. 

Sometimes you have to kiss a LOT of frogs before you find your prince. // Like, sometimes you have to try a LOT of things out before you find your true calling. Like photography was for me.&nbsp;


I was pretty cocky back then, and figured I could take better pictures than what I saw others charging for, so The Suitcase Studio was born. But the problem was THIS: while I knew I had a great creative eye, my TECHNICAL camera skills were seriously lacking. I shot in "creative auto" mode, and prayed that my clients wouldn't find out and think I was a fraud. Because I was waaaay deep in the "fake it till you make it" mode. 


So I quickly scrambled to figure it all out, and learn the technical side of photography. I scoured the internet for information, spending hours on different forums, blogs, and Pinterest. And I bought book after book on the subject. But it always ended up the same... me on the floor, head in hands, sitting in a puddle of my own tears. 


Because I just didn't GET it. It seriously felt like learning a new language at times. And I felt completely lost. 

Skip right to the parts you WANT to know in this SHORTCUT camera course


It was about that time that I put my big-girl panties on and started investing in the magic of in-person workshops and online courses. And I became addicted. Because they made me actually pick up my camera and PRACTICE. I got uncomfortable. I pushed past my limits. And I GREW.

Things started to CLICK (teehee) into place, when it wasn't all just technical jargon anymore... when I had  REASON for doing what I was doing. When I found my WHY. When I was given a clear-cut path on HOW to do something, from start to finish. And how to manipulate what I learned to adapt it to different scenarios. 


And you know what I learned?


learn how to use backlighting correctly in this free shortcut camera course


I know I'm tooootally going against the grain here. But that's okay. 

Because here's the thing. There's SOOOOO much info out there, teaching you all about the technical ins-and-outs of photography. But so much of it is stuff you really DON'T need to know, and only confuses matters more when you're never taught HOW to use the new knowledge. 


I learned the hard way, so that you don't have to. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on in-person classes and online workshops, furthering my photography education more and more each year. I've learned all about studio set-ups, lighting, scrims and reflectors. I've learned all about in-depth posing techniques and subject interactions. And along the way, I learned what worked and what DIDN'T work for what I wanted to do. 

And now, I have a signature style that I'm known for...
A bright, vivid look, and a FUN photo experience. 

And I want to TEACH YOU THE EXACT METHODS I now use for shooting. My favorite settings, scenarios, and all the stuff you can SKIP (like the light meter and histogram). 

As a "self-taught" photographer, MOST of my A-HA moments have come during in-depth courses and by simply practicing with my camera. And since I'm all about community over competition, I want to pass along my favorite tips + tricks you simply won't find elsewhere, so that you can creatively + confidently document your everyday moments.


Because REAL LIFE doesn't have to be perfect to be BEAUTIFUL.

Real life is beautiful Learn to capture it better with the Shortcut Camera Course by The Suitcase Studio.

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5-day "Shortcut" Camera Course 

This is the busy mom's guide to getting your camera OFF of auto-mode.  I'll be sharing some of my most sought-after tips + teachings to help you do just that. And after just FIVE DAYS, you'll be picking up your camera with confidence! 


What you'll learn:

  • how to set your camera up RIGHT, right from the start
  • what APERTURE is + why it's the key component to getting the look you crave
  • successfully switching from "auto" mode to APERTURE PRIORITY mode
  • how to get the "iPhone portrait mode" look with your DSLR
  • how to get ah-maaaaazingly beautiful pictures even when shooting in harsh sunlight
  • and more!

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And keep me POSTED on your journey! I want to hear about your favorite A-HA moments along the way... just leave a comment below, or share your favorite pictures online using the hashtag #shortcutcameracourse.