How you know it's time to update your professional headshot... | Bend, Oregon

Your brand is growing, and business is soaring. You’re on Cloud 9 until you hear these words from your marketing person, web guru, or the PR person in charge of your next published article or speaking engagement:

“We’d like to include your professional headshot; please send it our way.”

And then… panic.

Because (a) you’re barely recognizable from the last round of professional photos that were taken over 5 years ago, and (b) you cringe at the thought of sending them the current Facebook profile pic of you wearing snow goggles and holding a cold brew.

Yikes! Now what?

Keep reading… because if you’re anywhere near Bend, Oregon… help is on the way!

The Suitcase Studio offers professional headshots in Bend, Oregon
The Suitcase Studio offers on-location professional headshots in Bend, Oregon.

How to know it’s time to UPDATE your professional headshot:

If you’re a professional (regardless of whether you’re in a corporate or creative field), you NEED a good headshot that’s representative of YOU.

Here’s when you know it’s time to UPDATE your headshot:

  • Your current headshot is over 3 years old. Just like the online dating world… you know that feeling you get when you see someone’s photo, then see THEM in real life, and think, “WOW… they look nothing alike?!” Yeah, let’s avoid that situation by making sure that your current headshot IS actually current, and a good representation of what you actually look like in real life.

  • Your current headshot is cropped from an image of a group of people. We’ve all been there. Someone snaps a group photo and you think… “WOW… that’s a GREAT shot of me.” The problem is that you’re not fooling anyone… we can all TELL that there were originally others in the photo. Think of it this way… you are meant to be showcased as a SOLO ARTIST, not trying to get attention as part of the backup band.

  • Your current headshot is fuzzy or pixelated. This often happens as a result of the above, or if you are using an image that is simply too small, or if you downloaded an image from Facebook. Remember, your headshot is representative of YOU, and if your current headshot is fuzzy/pixelated, it could come across as lazy or that you just don’t care… which doesn’t translate well to your business/brand if you’re trying to come across as professional and detail-oriented.

  • Your current headshot barely even shows your face. If you’re wearing sunglasses, a hat, goggles, scarf, or anything else like this that covers up most of your face… you’re defeating the purpose of even having a headshot. Don’t get me wrong… those fun, lifestyle shots definitely have a place in your business, but using one of those photos as your main headshot simply doesn’t work, as the point is to show your FACE so that you become instantly recognizable.

  • Your current headshot is a selfie. Heads up… selfies do NOT provide the most flattering angles, so be very aware of this. And know that we can also TELL it’s a selfie.

Update your professional headshot with The Suitcase Studio in Bend, Oregon
Whether you prefer a classic background or a natural one, The Suitcase Studio makes updating your professional headshot in Bend, Oregon a snap!

In a nutshell… if you’re using a non-professional picture as your headshot, it’s time to step in front of the camera to get something NEW.

WHY? Because…

when you’re investing in yourself and your brand, it’s easier for potential clients to invest in you + your services, too!

So… are you ready to update that professional headshot of yours? Check out my stress-free photography services for businesses + brands, and let’s get started!