the Fenton family

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of taking some family portraits of my brother, sis-in-law, and their 2 kiddos.  The twins had just turned one year old, and I wanted to celebrate this age and get some photos of the family before the kids started growing up too fast (as they all tend to do). We headed to Americana at Brand in Glendale to capture the shots. Wow. VERY cool setting with a beautiful fountain, playground, and even a trolley. The stores surround a central area, with housing above some of the stores. Finishing touches were being added to the holiday decorations in the area, so it must look even more fabulous now than the day we were there. It was fun to just wander around the area. I'd never been there before, so it was fun to explore. (We even made sure to take a ride in the super-tall elevator before we left, to get an aerial view of the place.)

As for the photo shoot itself, it was a lot of fun. You never know what to expect when working with kids, but the twins couldn't have been more fabulous! Entranced by all the different sights around them, they never seemed to get fussy at all... and didn't even seem to mind the camera being constantly pointed in their direction. It was wonderful to just sit back and watch the family's interactions with one another. The little kisses and smiles, the silly faces and "airplane" rides. It was so easy to see the love shared between them all (even the twinsies grasping hands every once in awhile).  So awesome to be a part of.

So, without further ado, are some of my favorite images captured from the day: