we are not model minorities {cal poly pomona}

A while back, I was asked to be the photographer for this AMAZINGLY COOL project for Cal Poly Pomona. I was more than honored to be a part of this... These photos are to be used as part of an upcoming campaign for the Asian American/Pacific Islander Center, where they seek to spread the word about breaking through the "model minority myth." (To learn about the Model Minority Myth, here is a great resource.)

This campaign is being used to try and BREAK the SILENCE about the stereotypes...trying to encourage people to stand up, break free and USE THEIR VOICE!  Encouraging people to express their individuality instead of contributing to the myths that continue to plague our society.

The models used for this shoot were all student volunteers. It was amazing to work with such an energetic group. I lost count of how many participants there actually were, since there would be a handful of students at a time before some rushed off for their next class and a handful of others appeared. I am totally grateful to EACH and EVERY ONE of them for taking the time to participate in such a wonderful event. (And extra thanks to SHARON for organizing the whole thing... and hiring me in the first place!) We shot mainly on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona, and then a handful of us headed to the downtown Pomona area to finish up for the day. (And a special THANKS to Sofie for letting me hitch a ride!)

The campaign will take place on campus early next year, followed by a gallery display in April... where MY images will be on display, along with work from a wonderful artist (Grace Alba). (FULL details to come later on THAT part of things.)

In any event, here are my favorite images from the day: