on cloud nine

I am so excited right now, I am on the verge of tears. Seriously. I want to do cartwheels of joy down the hallway. It started with a quick glance at an e-newsletter from famed photographer Jasmine Star which was appropriately entitled "Sprout Your Wings." Just a quick update from what she's been up to lately, a note from her, and... oh yeah... notice that she's holding another workshop in April. I didn't even notice any of the other the other stuff in the newsletter. All I saw was the blurb about the workshop, and mention of the last one selling out in about an hour's time. That's all the nudge that I needed.

I had been on my way out the door (and had been viewing this all on my iPhone), but I quickly made a mad dash back to my computer and went straight to her site to officially register. She only takes 20 students in each workshop, so all of my fingers and toes were crossed in the hopes that I had made it on time. The registration process was easy enough, but I still had to hold my breath with anticipation, since I wouldn't be "official" till I paid, received notice of my payment, and was given the "all-clear" that it had all gone down in time to be one of the first lucky 20. Whew!Having done all that I could, I headed out to grab some lunch. It was a nerve-wracking hour, as I checked my iphone for indications that the next steps could be taken... go here to make your payment, payment received, and then... (wait for it)... YES! YES! YES! I received THIS email:

You're In!! - 'att


I am on cloud nine right now, dancing on my tippie-toes.