shaun & hollie {engagement session}

Theirs is a love story YEARS in the making. Seriously. Shaun & Hollie originally met in junior high and were in several classes together. Pre-teen crushes ensued. But they never really got around to dating for any period of time. (Especially since they were still too young to do any actual dating.) Time moved on, and they ended up going to different high schools. Rival high schools. And you know how it is at that age... even if you are only a few streets apart, you might as well be half a world away. But Shaun and Hollie kept in touch with one another; they were each other's dates at a couple high school dances, and Hollie even came to show support for Shaun at a few of his show choir performances. But time, and life, kept progressing.  After high school graduation they simply lost contact with one another, their lives having moved them in different directions.

But you never forget your first love...

Years later, they were brought together again... with the help of a little social networking site known as "Facebook." Hollie found Shaun's profile, and sent a message to say "hi." And their relationship began anew.  And in some ways, it was if no time had passed at all.  And so, it was at a sunset picnic, and just in time for Hollie's birthday, that Shaun asked Hollie to be his wife. And Hollie said yes.

So, to my brother Shaun, whom I love dearly... and my sister-to-be Hollie, whom I look forward to being able to call "family," I give the best gift I have within my grasp: capturing these moments of the two of you together, so that you might be able to look upon these images and remember the joy you bring one another.








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